A cycling post…like old times.

Yes, I participated in our local Wednesday night cross race, P-town, tonight. I am completely vexed by the fact that I’m not totally awesome. Despite this, I had a blast. Tonight’s course was a little mountain bike-y for me, but whatever.

I slipped a pedal at the start and found myself way back and was slowly picking my way back up. I think in another 3-4 days I could have reached the front runners.

Probably not though. Anyway, it was good and fun. Not clean though as the creek crossing (you know, back in the hobo jungle) kept us pretty dirty.

Yesterday, I snuck in a quick Alpine Loop. You never know when it will be the last time this time of year. Odds are pretty good that was it. It was sunny and relatively warm on the way up the climb, but when I summited I immediately went into the clouds and…a light snowfall. Ouch. Wasn’t ready for that. Cold descent. It wasn’t ever snowing hard, but enough the roads got wet, so my feet got wet and yeah, ouch. Haven’t adapted to cold feet yet. 

Beyond that, I’ve mainly just been working. Off to St. George tomorrow. And then back home tomorrow night. Nothing like 8 hours in the car to make you feel alive!!


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