Kelly gets a job, I do a real ride, the fun never stops

So, the big news around here is that Kelly will be a ski instructor at Sundance this winter. Here’s her take on it. For those to lazy to click through, the last job she had was 10 years ago, when she was an elementary teacher and I was racing my bike full-time. Seems so long ago! Since then, she’s been on the couch eating bon-bons while I slave away. Just kidding, she’s mostly been knocked up or breast-feeding or taking care of our 4 amazing (-ly hyper) kids! She is great at the full-time mom thing, but I think it will be good for her to get out on her own a little bit. I am very proud of her.

A little scared of holding down the fort on my own those few hours a week, but mostly proud of her!

In other news, I had a great ride today. My work has slowed down a touch and I was able to get out for almost 3 glorious hours. It was close to 60 in the valley today. I tried to go up a canyon…unreal how much colder it is when you get in the shade. I was stopped by snow pretty quickly. Crazy. Had a great ride on the bike paths though and met some new dudes, which is always good. All the guys I rode with are in college. Not surprising, living in a college town, but it’s kinda funny. I don’t really think about it, but I’m pretty old in comparison. I wonder if it will be weird down the road, like, “who brought grandpa along?”. Hahaha. I guess as long as I am still crushing it, all will be well.

What else? We had a big snow storm on Saturday. People who clicked Kelly’s link are already up on this, but we didn’t really get anything but wet snow in the valley. The mountains on the other hand got dumped on. Glorious! I am excited about the changing seasons. Today was great, but I do enjoy winter these days. Not in April or May so much, but in winter, winter is okay!

That’s all the news I can think of right now…so hard this time of day. All I want to do is sit on my duff and zone out! Farewell and adieu.



The Dog Incident

So, yeah, if we’re pals on facepage or are one of my millions of loyal followers on twitter*, or someone who actually reads the comments on Strava, you’ve heard this story already…But, you haven’t heard all of it.

We have a super great fantastic new bike path in Utah County called the Murdoch Canal Trail. I was cruising on said path yesterday when a couple of walkers and a dog approached. It was a weiner dog and it was yapping at their feet as they came up on me. Suddenly, the pooch went straight for my front wheel. I was on the other side of the path from the pedestrians, so I didn’t anticipate that happening.

I’m not going to say I bunnyhopped the freaking dog because while I am awesome, I’m not that awesome. I did try to unweight my wheels, but I definitely felt the dog get rolled over. It let out a little squeal  and then ran away. It ran fast, so I’m hopeful it wasn’t badly hurt.

I immediately yelled at the pedestrians “PUT YOUR #@%^ING DOG ON A LEASH!”.

And the response came back, “IT’S NOT OUR DOG!!”.

“Oh, sorry!!” I said as I rolled away. So embarassing.

For the record, I don’t know if I actually yelled the F bomb or not, I think I pulled it back in at the last second, which probably made me sound even more stupid… “PUT YOUR FFFFF DOG ON A LEASH”. I could be wrong though. Adrenaline was pumping a bit.

I see people on the path all the time with their dogs off the leash and just figured my number finally came up. I guess it did, but the people had nothing to do with it. I didn’t turn around and apologize or anything. Maybe I should have. I don’t know. I felt pretty dumb. Pretty stoked that I didn’t crash though. That could have ruined my day.

Anyway, that’s been the only real excitement for this pathlete this week.

*Millions of twitter followers is an estimate. Actual figure is 167. 

So what happened next?

As usual, I failed you.

Anyway, I got up on Sunday and decided the coolest thing I could do would be to bust it home and spend the day with the family. I skipped the ride Sunday morning and got the hell out of Dodge and by Dodge, I mean Moab. I think it was good I did too as I just hit some snow as I was coming down Spanish Fork Canyon. May have been dicey had I come home later.

Got home in time to sit on my duff for a few minutes before Kelly and the girls got out of church. I surprised them by showing up for the walk home. Got some funny looks as I wasn’t in church attire. Pretty funny.

Since then, it’s been pretty normal (for me) life. There is always something exciting going with 4 girls in the house. 5 if you include Kelly, which you probably should. 7 if you include the dogs, which, I don’t know, maybe you should, maybe you shouldn’t.

I haven’t ridden since Saturday so any fitness I built up has gone buh-bye. So it goes.

Working an event tonight for one of my shops. They are demoing a bike brand that I don’t sell, but they’re giving away some Garneau goods, so I’ll be there. Wish me luck.

Day 2

Just had a whole post deleted on me, so here’s hoping it doesn’t happen again. Yes, I am rewriting this beast, so you better appreciate it.

Another beautiful day in Moab!! Did another 65 miles, and somehow that was the day, shot. I stopped at McDonald’s for a McFlurry and then rode a bit more. I’m not at all used to having time to stop and hang out and ride again. Usually my rides are pretty regimented due to time constraints, so that was super nice.

Got to sit in on more great talks tonight, notably Max Testa and Bob Roll talking about the early days of 7-11. Pretty hilarious.

Then, I tried to go out and get something to eat. Turns out there’s NOTHING open in Moab after 11:00. But, while driving around looking, I got pulled over! I’m not going to lie, I totally panicked. I guess my headlight is wonky. It’s on, but not as strong as the other. In any case, he let me roll on. I went straight back to the hotel. The mean streets are too much for me!

Back to Provo tomorrow. Can’t wait to see my girlies!!

Moab Day 1

I failed in my attempt to post daily when on the road. I did try, quite hard, actually. The internet was barely working last night and I spent probably an hour trying to get a post up before throwing in the towel.

Proverbially, no towels were actually harmed.

So anyway, hit the road around 6:30 yesterday morning and arrived in Moab just after 10:00 for the Aspen Sports Performance Bob Roll Camp. Just in time as the ride rolled out at 10:45.

My role here is basically to do the rides and then give a little presentation on Litespeed. Easy enough!

The camp actually started on Thursday, but I thought it would be prudent to spend at least one day this week at home. Particularly, Halloween!

It was a beautiful day yesterday. Perfectly sunny and low-mid 60’s. Pretty fantastic. I rode around 3.5 hours/65 miles. That’s a big day for me! And today is supposed to be the long day.

After the ride, I tried to get some real work done. I fell asleep. It was brief, I swear. Then, dinner and finally the presentations. I feel pretty lucky to be here as I learned quite a bit from the others.

Anyway, on to today. Hopefully, I can double down with another post tonight and get back on track.