So what happened next?

As usual, I failed you.

Anyway, I got up on Sunday and decided the coolest thing I could do would be to bust it home and spend the day with the family. I skipped the ride Sunday morning and got the hell out of Dodge and by Dodge, I mean Moab. I think it was good I did too as I just hit some snow as I was coming down Spanish Fork Canyon. May have been dicey had I come home later.

Got home in time to sit on my duff for a few minutes before Kelly and the girls got out of church. I surprised them by showing up for the walk home. Got some funny looks as I wasn’t in church attire. Pretty funny.

Since then, it’s been pretty normal (for me) life. There is always something exciting going with 4 girls in the house. 5 if you include Kelly, which you probably should. 7 if you include the dogs, which, I don’t know, maybe you should, maybe you shouldn’t.

I haven’t ridden since Saturday so any fitness I built up has gone buh-bye. So it goes.

Working an event tonight for one of my shops. They are demoing a bike brand that I don’t sell, but they’re giving away some Garneau goods, so I’ll be there. Wish me luck.


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