The Dog Incident

So, yeah, if we’re pals on facepage or are one of my millions of loyal followers on twitter*, or someone who actually reads the comments on Strava, you’ve heard this story already…But, you haven’t heard all of it.

We have a super great fantastic new bike path in Utah County called the Murdoch Canal Trail. I was cruising on said path yesterday when a couple of walkers and a dog approached. It was a weiner dog and it was yapping at their feet as they came up on me. Suddenly, the pooch went straight for my front wheel. I was on the other side of the path from the pedestrians, so I didn’t anticipate that happening.

I’m not going to say I bunnyhopped the freaking dog because while I am awesome, I’m not that awesome. I did try to unweight my wheels, but I definitely felt the dog get rolled over. It let out a little squeal  and then ran away. It ran fast, so I’m hopeful it wasn’t badly hurt.

I immediately yelled at the pedestrians “PUT YOUR #@%^ING DOG ON A LEASH!”.

And the response came back, “IT’S NOT OUR DOG!!”.

“Oh, sorry!!” I said as I rolled away. So embarassing.

For the record, I don’t know if I actually yelled the F bomb or not, I think I pulled it back in at the last second, which probably made me sound even more stupid… “PUT YOUR FFFFF DOG ON A LEASH”. I could be wrong though. Adrenaline was pumping a bit.

I see people on the path all the time with their dogs off the leash and just figured my number finally came up. I guess it did, but the people had nothing to do with it. I didn’t turn around and apologize or anything. Maybe I should have. I don’t know. I felt pretty dumb. Pretty stoked that I didn’t crash though. That could have ruined my day.

Anyway, that’s been the only real excitement for this pathlete this week.

*Millions of twitter followers is an estimate. Actual figure is 167. 


One thought on “The Dog Incident

  1. Hehehe..shame…how is your bike? I found the best way to deter a dog is to squirt water at it. That is – if you use a water bottle. Outside of that – I think everyone will think twice before letting their dog off the leash. It is for everyone’s safety! 😉 LOL

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