Ski Fail

So after my post on Monday, Kelly got home early. I got all giddy decided to head up the hill and get a couple runs in. I got my skis on and cruised over just as the lift stopped. And someone looks up and says:

“Night skiing will start on Friday. All the snow guns are blowing right now”.

Sad face.

I came home and went for a run instead. Because that’s somehow enjoyable and/or comparable. Well, at least I was able to run the pissed off-ed-ness out of my head, so that was good. Oh yeah, and it was cold. Really, really cold.

I guess we’re supposed to get up to close to freezing in a couple days. So I have that to look forward to. I’m going to be pretty busy tomorrow, but I think I’ll pack 1000 or so layers and try to squeeze a rideroo in.


Still Winter

Yowsa. Winter hit hard. How do you go from high’s in the 50’s to barely cracking 15. And not for a day or two, but a week straight.

Ok, enough BLW. It’s beautiful at the moment. Cold, and beautiful.

Things have gotten pretty desperate for me…I’m considering joining the new Provo rec center for a few months. I haven’t gone to a gym to workout in over 10 years, but between Kelly’s new gig and the artic conditions, I’m tempted. I am definitely an outdoors guy. Riding a bike inside is like surfing dry, it’s just not right. BUT, as of now, I am doing nothing. And something is decidedly better than nothing. They have a daycare at the facility, so that’s sounding pretty good. If Kelly’s working, I can load up Piper and Rory and get a wee bit of fitness while Haley and Morgan are in school. We’ll see. I’m not sold just yet.

And of course, I’ll be skiing soon. We’ve gotten a ton of snow in the past week. 22″ in 24 hours at Sundance on Saturday, but I have to figure out the scheduling a little better.

Plus, Piper is sick. She was up a lot last night coughing. It’s so sad. She hardly has a voice. We may have to take her to the doc soon.

In other news, I got a new frame today!! Pretty stoked. No pictures until it’s built though. Rules are rules. Pretty sure it’ll be used in our booth at Outdoor Retailer next month. Yes, the winter show, but it’s a good conversation starter. So, I’ll probably hold off riding it until at least then.

The way things are going, I figure I’ll ride the cross bike most of the winter. Knobby tires mean you work harder and/or go slower, both of which are good for staying warm. Plus a little extra traction can’t hurt. I’d have to get out at all for any of this to be relevant, I guess, technically.

No Idea Where I Left Off

It’s a good thing I have two readers who let me know when I am slacking off.

It’s a little bit hard coming up with blog fodder, since I post everything that happens in my life to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, MySpace, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Flickr, so if you’ve heard this song before…here it is again.

We had a great visit to Sedona last week for Thanksgiving. As always, Kelly did a great post on it. We lucked out with the weather and it was low-mid 60’s pretty much all week. We spent a lot of time at the park, hiking, Chowing on great food, and most days Kelly and I were able to sneak out for a mountain bike ride mid-day during Rory’s nap. This was super rad as we pretty much never get to ride together these days. Plus, they’d gotten a bunch of rain the previous weekend, so the trails were super buff!

The only bummer sauce was I got super sick one night. I don’t know what happened, but I got the barfs and had to be quarantined for a night. No one else has gotten it (fingers crossed), so we’ll count that as a win.

So, a big thanks to my mom and her husband Ken for hosting us!

We got back Saturday night. Sunday was Rory’s birthday, so we skipped Sacrament (1st of 3 hours of church to the non-Mormons…yeah, 3 hours, we’re crazy like that. I should also mention that we skipped it to eat a big birthday breakfast and it was Fast Sunday. Again, for the non-Mormons, as the name implies, we’re not supposed to eat on Fast Sunday. So I guess I’m not perfect. I did make it in time to teach my new class (16-18 year olds), I guess they’l let anyone teach this stuff.

Monday was back to reality, but I’ve definitely entered into a slow period of my work…It won’t last, winter ’14-15 samples have shipped, so I’ll be selling that soon enough. So, I got out for a really nice mountain bike ride that day. All this mountain biking is actually being done on a ‘cross bike, but whatever.

Tuesday winter hit and we went from high’s in the 50’s to 15″ of snow on the ground and high’s in the teens. Yeah. Going to have to dig out the winter gear I guess.

Well, dear reader, I appreciate your hanging tough through that monster of a us a post. I’d like to say I’ll post again soon, but we all know that’s not likely.