Yep. I have get to teach a class in church tomorrow.

I should really get off my duff and do some prep for it while all the kids are playing nicely (hallelujah to that), but I haven’t really been up for it just yet. I should really lay Rory down for a nap, but as mentioned, everyone’s getting along for the moment, so why spoil it? Not quite true as Morgan is actually out of the house, but Haley has a friend over, so I’m still at 4 girls in the house, so I figure it counts.

Kelly is working today, so I took the girls out to Alpine to watch a fat obese bike race. It was pretty cold and windy, but we only hung out for half an hour or so to see some of my homies and then we bailed, so I don’t think it counts as child abuse. The whole obese bike (fat is so insensitive) trend is so weird to me, but it does look like fun. I am just surprised so many people are willing to spring for what is typically a 3rd or 4th bike in the quiver. Glad they are though!

Not much else to report. Check out my flipagram:

I just used the pictures and the very limited music on my phone, but I think it came out great!


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