New Direction

A friend on Facebook got me thinking about getting back in shape. He has managed to gain ~40lbs over the past 4 years and is trying to get back in race shape. I have not gone that far, but I am probably in some of the worst shape I can remember.

I didn’t want to put it on facebook because I am always making and then failing on these kinds of resolutions, and there’s far fewer people to dissapoint here… but I am making it a goal of mine to get back in to relatively good shape and quickly. Like, by April. I figure that’s when Kelly’s ski season ends (freeing up our Saturdays), and when local racing really gets cracking. I can’t commit to a huge schedule, but I am obligated to do some racing as I am running a new team. And if I’m going to race, I might as well not suck!

I know my best years racing-wise are well behind me. 2003 was probably the best year ever and, yeah, that’s forever ago. I will never train like that again. 2004-2006, I didn’t train much, but had great muscle memory from the 10 years previous… I think it’s realistic to get back to 2007-2009-ish form. I was still somewhat regularly winning races then.

So while I’ve always said that training type blogs and websites bore me…that’s pretty much the direction I’m going in here! Hopefully I can make it semi-entertaining, while still having to “answer to the blog”. This will also solve the lack of content. It’s kinda weird when you have a cycling blog and you aren’t really riding consistently.

If all goes to plan, which is HUGELY unlikely, I’ll race master’s nationals this summer since they are local. Maybe I’ll win! Always an optimist…

Oh yeah, I did just confirm that I MIGHT do a master’s race. I know this will please my two biggest readers.

Anyway, I’ll plan to update every few days.

Oh yeah, so I came up with this plan this morning and I’m off to a great start by doing nothing (physical) today!

Wish me luck and thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “New Direction

  1. Knew you could do it Turbo. You finally admitted your a masters racer. Good for you. It took Olympia Dukakis only slightly less time to admit she was an alcoholic, but who’s really counting. Now if only this whole residency crap would end, we could do Masters racing together and maybe even enjoy some hot man-on-man biking action!

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