So Far, So Okay

So, yeah, here’s an update…

I need to get a battery for the bathroom scale. That would make for some concrete evidence going forward. #1 training tool for a cyclist.

Anyway, I managed to ride T, W, Th…Not a lot, but each of those days. Some flats, some climbing (even broke a spoke under my Xtreme powa), and even an hour on rollers. Will wonders never cease? I didn’t ride yesterday. Did take (all) the kids skiing yesterday…having Rory on my back the whole time counts as a workout for sure. 

Today is going to be tough. Kelly works all day. I thought about getting up super early to ride rollers this morning, but then I didn’t get to sleep until 1:00ish, so that wasn’t going to happen. Maybe I can jump on the rollers or go for a quick run when she gets home. It’s tough though, she’s tired after a long day on the slopes, I’m worked over from kid herding all day and it’s nice just to have us all together! We’ll see. Tomorrow’s pretty much out. I rarely ride on Sundays (not against it from a religious perspective, it just doesn’t happen), plus Kelly is working again. I have to teach my class too. My partner was released, so I teach every week now. Not complaining, I like my group!

Alright, that’s about all I have. Stay tuned. You never know when I’ll do something awesome. Or awesomely stupid.

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