Back in Colorado…

We’re not going to talk about that whole training thing. You can imagine how well that means it’s going.

I’m in beautiful Colorado…It was in the 60’s in Utah today and it was in the 20’s for a high here. Yeah, what the heck man? Last winter every time I came out it was way warmer here than Utah. I guess I timed it wrong. I’d love some snow in our mountains, but it’s less fun when you have to drive.

As you may recall, I had a sub-rep helping me for Colorado. Well, she’s moved on to sunnier pastures, so I’m trying to get business popping in hurry. I’ll probably be making my way out here right frequently again for awhile. 

Anyway, you remember the rule. When I’m on the road, I post. So, today was good. The snow didn’t really start until the end of the day. Scored a super leg room seat on the flight and slept for most of it.

I love falling asleep before take off.  

Once on the ground and rental car’d up, I had to go pick up some samples and commence visiting shops. I didn’t really have any appointments today, just kinda pop ins. 

Now I am staying with some friends. I don’t know if it’s weird to talk about people online in a forum they’ll probably never see, but they’re awesome. 

Anyhoo, I’m getting tired again, so I’m off to sleep.

Oh, one more thing. Tomorrow is my Kelly’s birthday! Yes, so sad that I’m on the road for her big day. I’ll have to summons all of my male brains to come up with something good for Friday night. She works that day, so I’ll have the day to plan. And watch kids. And work, of course!

For the record, I have committed to recommit to committing to train (or at least exercise)when I get back.


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