About that whole fitness thing…

Yeah, it’s going better. I’ve been on the bike the last five days on the trot. Planning to make it six here shortly. The volume is still almost non-existent, but I think consistency is the biggest thing for me. As long as I’m riding regularly, it comes back pretty quickly. 

Darling wife is taking her PSIA Level One (ski instructor) test these last couple days, so I’ve been home with the kiddoes and trying to get work done, which can be easier said than done. Really proud of my Kelly and how she’s changed things up this winter.

Anyway, yesterday I was able to ride a couple hours with the wee ones in tow. It’s been awhile! Reminds me of when the older girls were little, except these two enjoy being in the trailer together much more. As you can imagine pulling two kids, I’m not terribly fast, so my two hours was only maybe 30 miles despite being quite flat. Today I’ll only do an hour. Baby steps. At least it’s warm (and dry) enough to take the buggy out.

Alright, I better get back to it.