Conjuring up the motivation…

to post.

It’s been a long day, but the rule is when I’m on the road, I gotta do it. Otherwise the blog is pretty much dead.

Left home this morning around 7:15. Halfway to the airport I got a call that my flight was 40 minutes delayed. In a strange twist of fate, I had the easiest trip through security ever, so I had time to do some work (you know, Facebook) before boarding. Once we were all aboard, they noted a problem with the air conditioning and we had to change planes. I didn’t think we really need ac, but I don’t get to decide. Anyway, I finally got to Denver about two hours late.

If you’ve been to DIA, you know it’s pretty big and getting the rental car area takes some time. Finally got there and my car wasn’t ready. That didn’t take super long and they gave me a sweet as upgrade, so I really can’t complain there. Of course, DIA is basically in Kansas, so by the time I reached civilization, I was an hour, two tops faster than if I’d driven. So, from now I think I’ll drive whenever the weather allows. So much nicer, cheaper and I can bring all my stuff with.

Spent most of the rest of the day arranging samples. Super fun. Got to my “host housing” around 8:30. I still talk like a bike racer, see?

Need to see a couple shops tomorrow then a dealer event after hours, and then I have a flight at 6am back in Denver. I’m staying in CO Springs, so I should probably hit the road by 3:30. Ouch.

You’re probably dying to know about my fitness. How could you not be? Well, I started feeling okay and then I didn’t ride for a week. So typical. Will try to get back after it once I’m home. I’m due to start racing in a couple weeks, and we’re camping for the kids spring break between now and then. The ‘ol fitness comes back pretty quickly for me typically, but I’m definitely pushing it here.

No other super crazy news to report. Kelly’s last day at Sundance is Saturday and I think we’ll take the kids up for closing day Sunday. They’re getting some awesome snow this week to close things out!


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