Long Days

Yeah, another big day in the life. 

First off, it was like 48 degrees when I parked in CO Springs last night. This morning I woke up to 8″ of fresh snow and it was still dumping. I had to drive back to Denver, which pretty much sucked. Not white knuckle, mostly just slow and a little nervy. Hit up a couple shops there, then u-turned back to the Springs, where I was lucky to have lunch with an old friend and co-worker.

Saw a couple more shops. Then decided to check what time the event I basically planned this trip around was. I had it my head it was 7:00, but it wasn’t on the email, only a date. I called, which ended up being smart as it started at 5:00. I made it with time to spare, of course. That pretty well covered the evening and now I’m going to grab a few winks.

I have a 6:00 am flight tomorrow as I had to get home so darling wife can go to her work. A 6:00 am flight pretty much means leaving here at 3:00 since I have to drive to the West Kansas International Airport, return the rental, ride the shuttle, ride the train, etc… So waking up at 3:00 should be pretty sweet.

At least traffic should be light!



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