I nearly forgot…

to post.

Another looooong day. But good. Definitely good. Worked the Colorado Springs to Denver area. Drove my sick as rental cargo van all up in that piece. I have my new partner for Colorado with me and that makes the day more enjoyable. It’s kinda nice going into shops with a partner. I’m also staying at his house and eating his food, which is beyond nice!

Nothing to crazy to report. The demo did not go well in terms of getting people on bikes, but all the shops that saw them liked the bikes, so I’ll just try to learn how to do it better and roll with it. Some cool ideas for the future, for sure.

Tomorrow, we’ll hang around Boulder for the morning and then I’ll head over to Aspen…another big day in the van! Yes! It’s not so bad really. Luckily, I like driving! We’ll see how Aspen goes. It’s still very early season for them. “Mud season” as they call it in the high country.

Anyway, I’m pretty wiped out. For whatever reason, I can never go to bed early when I’m on the road even when I know I should.

Not sure where I’m staying tomorrow night, so that should be an adventure. I did pack my sleeping bag to sleep in the van, but it’s completely wall-to-wall full of bikes and boxes, so that’s out. A little cold yet to be sleeping under the stars. Especially at elevation. No tell Motel? Perhaps, perhaps, perrrrr-haps.


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