Live from the QC Airport

Yes! Getting ready to hop a jet plane for Chicago and on to the promised land…Utah!!

What a great week I’ve had though.

Won the Bike Sales award!! Super pumped, gotta keep that with our team for next year.

That was the highlight of the dinners though. These super long and loud dinners are hard on me. I love hanging around people, but everyone together, drunk, gets so loud. I start having like sensory deprivation and eventually have to bag it.

Managed to ride everyday (mostly 2-a-days, really!), except yesterday, which was a big step up from previous years. Did get a nice run in yesterday around a huge city park right next to our hotel.

Made some new friends. You know I need all I can get!!

Didn’t really have anything going yesterday, except my 1-on1 meeting, which was an hour of the day, so I did the tourist thing and checked out old Quebec City. So much history! Really beautiful. And I could walk from the hotel, pretty amazing.

I love the culture in the city. So many beautiful people. I haven’t been to France, but the reputation proceeds it and I feel like here you get the culture, but none of the attitude. Everyone has been super friendly. I could live here, if it weren’t for that whole winter (which is like 10 months/year) thing!

I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have had this opportunity. Not going to squander it!!

Can’t wait to get back to Utah and my girls!!




It’s my birthday.

So I got up super early (6:00, but that’s like 4:00 Utah time) and went for a ride this morning. Only one other guy came out, but he’s Canadian and showed me around the course they do the WorldTour race on. Pretty cool. We got rained on. That’s one thing you basically never do in Utah. Rain rides. There’s just not enough rain to bother.

Anyway, got back scarfed down some breakfast and went to meetings for the day. 

After seeing all the incredible incredibleness coming in 2015, we went for a bike ride! Yes, I love a twofer! Both short though, so that’s like one ride, almost. We rode out along the river again and saw some big waterfall. It was huge. I have some pics for Instafacer, but you’ll have to wait until I get back on US soil for me to post them. Sorry, guys. That must be hard for you.

Sadly, we had a little crashola on the way home. We were on the ridiculously small path and one of the guys took a drink right when he hit a bump and something had to give. It was pretty bad. He rode home, but he did so all bloody from his elbow and with his shorts torn. Kind of a bummer.

After that, we went to dinner. I figured everyone would be out drinking again tonight, but it looks like almost everyone is wiped out from last night and I’m up later than most! I’m actually in the hotel lobby as my roomie went to bed and I didn’t want to disturb him.

Speaking of which, it’s almost midnight and I’m thinking to ride again at 6…

I should probably call it.

I miss my wife and kids, but it has been a wonderful birthday and I’ll party down with them soon enough!

Thanks and good night!

Live from Quebexico

So I’m in Quebec now for a sales meeting.

Long day of travel. It always is. I left home around 10:00 yesterday and finally got in last night around 12:30. Then, had to eat breakfast in time to catch a bus, yes, a school bus to my meetings at 7:30.

I never really sleep well in hotels anyway, so I am pretty wiped out.

Today was okay. A few product presentations and then I got to go for a quick ride along the St. Lawrence River. As a connoisseur of bike paths, I’d give it a C. Nice scenery, but way too twisty in spots and pretty heavy traffic. I guess you have to expect that when it gets above freezing here! 

For the record, it was actually close to 80. And quite a bit more humid than Utah!

We are staying downtown, which is very new to me and super nice. It’s one of the oldest cities in N. America, founded in 1608. I wiki’d that. Not that full of knowledge. Exactly like Europe. As it appears in my mind, since I’ve never been.

I just got done facebooking with darling wife. The kids got out of school for summer on Friday and I left Sunday. Kinda rough. I don’t have an international calling plan or anything, so that’s how we’re communicating for the week. 

Anyway, I think I’m ready to retire or at least not think anymore. It’s quarter to twelve and I’m supposed to get up and ride at 6:00. Wondering if anyone will be there, however, since they are still out drinking.