Live from Quebexico

So I’m in Quebec now for a sales meeting.

Long day of travel. It always is. I left home around 10:00 yesterday and finally got in last night around 12:30. Then, had to eat breakfast in time to catch a bus, yes, a school bus to my meetings at 7:30.

I never really sleep well in hotels anyway, so I am pretty wiped out.

Today was okay. A few product presentations and then I got to go for a quick ride along the St. Lawrence River. As a connoisseur of bike paths, I’d give it a C. Nice scenery, but way too twisty in spots and pretty heavy traffic. I guess you have to expect that when it gets above freezing here! 

For the record, it was actually close to 80. And quite a bit more humid than Utah!

We are staying downtown, which is very new to me and super nice. It’s one of the oldest cities in N. America, founded in 1608. I wiki’d that. Not that full of knowledge. Exactly like Europe. As it appears in my mind, since I’ve never been.

I just got done facebooking with darling wife. The kids got out of school for summer on Friday and I left Sunday. Kinda rough. I don’t have an international calling plan or anything, so that’s how we’re communicating for the week. 

Anyway, I think I’m ready to retire or at least not think anymore. It’s quarter to twelve and I’m supposed to get up and ride at 6:00. Wondering if anyone will be there, however, since they are still out drinking.



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