Live from the QC Airport

Yes! Getting ready to hop a jet plane for Chicago and on to the promised land…Utah!!

What a great week I’ve had though.

Won the Bike Sales award!! Super pumped, gotta keep that with our team for next year.

That was the highlight of the dinners though. These super long and loud dinners are hard on me. I love hanging around people, but everyone together, drunk, gets so loud. I start having like sensory deprivation and eventually have to bag it.

Managed to ride everyday (mostly 2-a-days, really!), except yesterday, which was a big step up from previous years. Did get a nice run in yesterday around a huge city park right next to our hotel.

Made some new friends. You know I need all I can get!!

Didn’t really have anything going yesterday, except my 1-on1 meeting, which was an hour of the day, so I did the tourist thing and checked out old Quebec City. So much history! Really beautiful. And I could walk from the hotel, pretty amazing.

I love the culture in the city. So many beautiful people. I haven’t been to France, but the reputation proceeds it and I feel like here you get the culture, but none of the attitude. Everyone has been super friendly. I could live here, if it weren’t for that whole winter (which is like 10 months/year) thing!

I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have had this opportunity. Not going to squander it!!

Can’t wait to get back to Utah and my girls!!



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