Pee-town #1

Missed a couple days of posting there. Oopsies! I was on a roll though.

Anyway, did the first P-town Cyclocross race of the year today. It was a doozy. Here’s comes all my excuses:

We were late and got there as they were lining up

Picked up bike last night. Should probably have ridden it at least once to make sure stuff was tight (it wasn’t)

Borrowed Kelly’s pedals and the tension is horribly low, so basically anytime I pulled up hard my feet came out

And finally…I just am not very good at cyclocross racing. I’m all for honesty. I figure it’s going to look like I’m improving really dramatically next time though, so I got that going for me.

Kind of a hit to my confidence keeping in mind I’m racing a national championship in a week and a half, but whatever. 

Tomorrow I have a 10:00 am appointment in Grand Junction, so I’ll be up and on the road early! Wish me luck.



I timed things just right today as I finished my big ride with just enough time to change, and walk over the neighborhood block party. 

End of post.

Not really, but yeah, that was pretty much perfect, which was good as it was a rough night. We had a huge storm roll through. Long story short, our window well filled up and I ended up kneeling in the mud at 5:00 am, slinging bucket after bucket out of the well, whilst the heavens rained down upon me with lightning popping off all over. 

Somehow, I managed to pull a muscle in the process.

And then a beautiful day. New snow on the mountain peaks and highs just around 70! Did a big loop totaling around 80 miles and then the block party was good fun. It is super nice to know your neighbors and enjoy their company.

Anyway, it’s late, I’m tired, so I’m peace-ing out now.

I get all the news I need from the weather report.

So, we’re getting some crazy weather up here. It’s only touched the low 80’s a couple times this week and we’ve had thunderstorms almost every day. Pretty wild. They even said it could snow on the highest peaks tonight! That’s not really that unusual, I guess. Just that it’s stayed cool for so long in August. Feels like fall, for sure.

Today Kelly and her mom went to Education Week (yes, it’s actually a week long, not just a day) at BYU. Actually, they’re still there. Anyway, I took the reigns and went into full dad mode. I had some work to do, which is alway challenging with the wee ones around. Managed to take a little ride pulling the rikshaw while the older girls were in school. Otherwise, nothing to report there.

Hopefully this latest storm currently raging through is done by morning. Hoping to get in a longer ride!

Kelly’s home now, so I’m signing off.

My big plan for end of season domination

Maybe that’s a stretch. End of season mediocrity. Yeah, that’s better.

Anyway, we have Master’s Nationals here in a week or so. I wasn’t going to bother as I just don’t have time to really train at the moment. Strike that. I have 24 hours in a day like everyone else. I just don’t have the motivation to train around my current schedule and it just isn’t really a super priority. So I wasn’t going to do it. But then one of the inside guys at one of the companies I work for told me he was going to come out for it and then fly straight to Vegas for Interbike. That got me thinking.

I can do nationals, then there’s a pro race while I’m in Vegas. I can do one or two of the local Tuesday night cross races and then…our season ends with the Harvest Moon crit. Theoretically, I should be reasonably fast by the time that last race comes around. It may be really embarrassing up until then though. 

Anyway, I think I’m going for it. I think.

Bike racers never REALLY quit. Self-fulfilling prophecy.

No And then

Not sure where this post is going to go. Yeah, day three and I’m stumped! See, I told you my writing goes to pot when I don’t practice.

Dealing with a good bit of drama with the kids going back to school. Let’s say the 8 y.o. is not good with a change in sleeping patterns. Of course, with 4 girls, there’s always drama-rama, so nothing really noteworthy there.

I’ve always found the cure for writer’s block to be…just start writing. Simple enough, right?

Today was pretty close to a carbon copy of yesterday though, so no news there. And tomorrow’s forecast looks the same. Not complaining. As mentioned, I love my job and I am working hard to keep it!

Alright, I want to chill, eat dessert and watch a show with my best girl now, so I’m going to can it for tonight.

Farewell and adieu.


A Day in the Life…

So, this is pretty much my “busy season”. I am doing all the booking orders for 2015 now, so it’s a lot of presentations. And a lot of driving. What happens now largely determines our income for next year. A little scary, but I love it.

Anyway, today was the girls’ first day of school. It’s a family tradition that we all walk to school together. I am very lucky that my job allows that kind of flexibility. So after we walked, I hit the road pretty quickly. I had three appointments around Ogden today. It was nice that they all happened to be relatively close…This is rare during booking season. Usually I can plan my day around where I’m going to be, but this time of year I need a good amount of someone else’s time, so I’m really dependent on when they can make time for me. Often this means driving from one end of the earth to the other betwixt appointments.

The last appointment of the day was in the valley east of Ogden. Unfortunately, Ogden Canyon was closed so I had to drive around and up and over the North Ogden divide instead. After that, I wanted to try to make it back for the first P-Town Cross race. I don’t have a bike yet (it actually arrived today), so I was just going to hang out. Then, my 10 y.o. decided she wanted to race!  Anyway, I was on schedule to make it home in time for the race, but just barely. The course is literally (and I mean that literally) a mile from my house, so Kelly was just going to take all the kids over and I’d meet her there. Unfortunately, about 15 minutes from home, I found out they had to cancel today. Kind of a bust after breaking the sound barrier to make it home in time.

Haley was already kitted up when I got home, so we went for a quick cruise around the neighborhood. It will be interesting when she does actually race. She doesn’t want to do the kids race, and she doesn’t quite have the hang of shifting or getting on and off the bike quickly just yet. Like I said, should be interesting. Hopefully next week!

I will hopefully get my bike together as well. Going to try to do a nice “budget” build using a new aluminum frame and some old parts. More details on that soon.

Old Yeller

Something I’m trying to improve about myself…there’s plenty of room for improvement. For tonight though, I’m focusing on yelling. I haven’t always been a yeller, but it seems, with my kids, I definitely am. And I really don’t want to be. It’s just…4 little girls all yelling and it seems like the only way to gain control of the situation is to be the loudest, but I’m certain there’s a better way.


Trying to come up with some sort of incentive for the kids (maybe the whole family) to try to quell the overall hollering as well. Feel free to shoot me some suggestions.


So I figure I’ve not posted in long enough that basically no one will read this, so I’m starting over again just for me!

No, the real story…I teach 16 and 17 year olds at church. Today my partner (not in the lover sense, my teaching partner) did a lesson on keeping a journal and it got me thinking. Now, don’t go clicking out thinking I’m gonna get all Mormon-y on you. Not that I won’t (I reserve the right to get Mormon-y from time-to-time), but mostly I just think it’s good for me to keep a little journal. 

There was a time where I was really good about updating this thing. Pre-facebook and Twitter when everyone had blogs, I figure I updated at least 3 or 4 times/week, for years.

I am going to start off right now updating daily. Maybe just something quick like “TODAY SUCKED” or maybe a novel on how incredibly awesome my life is…wouldn’t that be a treat? We’ll see how long it keeps up, but I hope to keep at least to that 3-4 posts/week level.

Mostly because I feel like it really helps improve my writing. I don’t need to be a good writer at this stage of my life, just something I enjoy.

What else? Kids start school in two days. Back to school night tomorrow night. I’ve had a great summer with lots of travel. Quebec City, Chicago, Chattanooga, a ton of Colorado and of course, Utah for work and a great family vacation in Lake Arrowhead, CA. Summer really flew by and I hope I did enough with the kids and they have great memories.

That said, it’s time. They are going stir crazy at home!

Anyway, that’s all for tonight.