So I figure I’ve not posted in long enough that basically no one will read this, so I’m starting over again just for me!

No, the real story…I teach 16 and 17 year olds at church. Today my partner (not in the lover sense, my teaching partner) did a lesson on keeping a journal and it got me thinking. Now, don’t go clicking out thinking I’m gonna get all Mormon-y on you. Not that I won’t (I reserve the right to get Mormon-y from time-to-time), but mostly I just think it’s good for me to keep a little journal. 

There was a time where I was really good about updating this thing. Pre-facebook and Twitter when everyone had blogs, I figure I updated at least 3 or 4 times/week, for years.

I am going to start off right now updating daily. Maybe just something quick like “TODAY SUCKED” or maybe a novel on how incredibly awesome my life is…wouldn’t that be a treat? We’ll see how long it keeps up, but I hope to keep at least to that 3-4 posts/week level.

Mostly because I feel like it really helps improve my writing. I don’t need to be a good writer at this stage of my life, just something I enjoy.

What else? Kids start school in two days. Back to school night tomorrow night. I’ve had a great summer with lots of travel. Quebec City, Chicago, Chattanooga, a ton of Colorado and of course, Utah for work and a great family vacation in Lake Arrowhead, CA. Summer really flew by and I hope I did enough with the kids and they have great memories.

That said, it’s time. They are going stir crazy at home!

Anyway, that’s all for tonight.


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