A Day in the Life…

So, this is pretty much my “busy season”. I am doing all the booking orders for 2015 now, so it’s a lot of presentations. And a lot of driving. What happens now largely determines our income for next year. A little scary, but I love it.

Anyway, today was the girls’ first day of school. It’s a family tradition that we all walk to school together. I am very lucky that my job allows that kind of flexibility. So after we walked, I hit the road pretty quickly. I had three appointments around Ogden today. It was nice that they all happened to be relatively close…This is rare during booking season. Usually I can plan my day around where I’m going to be, but this time of year I need a good amount of someone else’s time, so I’m really dependent on when they can make time for me. Often this means driving from one end of the earth to the other betwixt appointments.

The last appointment of the day was in the valley east of Ogden. Unfortunately, Ogden Canyon was closed so I had to drive around and up and over the North Ogden divide instead. After that, I wanted to try to make it back for the first P-Town Cross race. I don’t have a bike yet (it actually arrived today), so I was just going to hang out. Then, my 10 y.o. decided she wanted to race! ¬†Anyway, I was on schedule to make it home in time for the race, but just barely. The course is literally (and I mean that literally) a mile from my house, so Kelly was just going to take all the kids over and I’d meet her there. Unfortunately, about 15 minutes from home, I found out they had to cancel today. Kind of a bust after breaking the sound barrier to make it home in time.

Haley was already kitted up when I got home, so we went for a quick cruise around the neighborhood. It will be interesting when she does actually race. She doesn’t want to do the kids race, and she doesn’t quite have the hang of shifting or getting on and off the bike quickly just yet. Like I said, should be interesting. Hopefully next week!

I will hopefully get my bike together as well. Going to try to do a nice “budget” build using a new aluminum frame and some old parts. More details on that soon.

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