No And then

Not sure where this post is going to go. Yeah, day three and I’m stumped! See, I told you my writing goes to pot when I don’t practice.

Dealing with a good bit of drama with the kids going back to school. Let’s say the 8 y.o. is not good with a change in sleeping patterns. Of course, with 4 girls, there’s always drama-rama, so nothing really noteworthy there.

I’ve always found the cure for writer’s block to be…just start writing. Simple enough, right?

Today was pretty close to a carbon copy of yesterday though, so no news there. And tomorrow’s forecast looks the same. Not complaining. As mentioned, I love my job and I am working hard to keep it!

Alright, I want to chill, eat dessert and watch a show with my best girl now, so I’m going to can it for tonight.

Farewell and adieu.



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