I timed things just right today as I finished my big ride with just enough time to change, and walk over the neighborhood block party. 

End of post.

Not really, but yeah, that was pretty much perfect, which was good as it was a rough night. We had a huge storm roll through. Long story short, our window well filled up and I ended up kneeling in the mud at 5:00 am, slinging bucket after bucket out of the well, whilst the heavens rained down upon me with lightning popping off all over. 

Somehow, I managed to pull a muscle in the process.

And then a beautiful day. New snow on the mountain peaks and highs just around 70! Did a big loop totaling around 80 miles and then the block party was good fun. It is super nice to know your neighbors and enjoy their company.

Anyway, it’s late, I’m tired, so I’m peace-ing out now.


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