You thought I’d quit again, no?

Yeah, I’m not so very good at this keeping up thing. But, I am trying!

Anyway, we’ve had a great long weekend. Saturday we took Morgan out to Ft. Bridger, WY for the Mountain Man Rendezvous. She stayed with our neighbors/her bestie and, of course, had a great time. We spent the day there, which was really fun, but I guess the real shenanigans happen at night when they kick out everyone not in costume and it’s full on mountain-man-lock-down.

Sunday we churched it up and…not much else. I have come to really enjoy a day of rest. Although I still get antsy sometimes.

Today I took a little cross ride and hit up some local trails in the morning, before taking the family (minus, Morg, of course) for a hike around Sundance. It was such a glorious day. Picture perfect. Leaves beginning to change in the high country, sunny and bright. We rode the lift up and hiked down, which was pretty much idea with kids. From there, we went almost straight to a bar-b with the in-laws. A pretty perfect day, really.

Save for the kids (now including and perhaps especially Morgan) going absolutely ape at bedtime. Whatreyagunnado?

Anyway, more p-town cross on tap tomorrow. Big week with a BIG deadline on Friday. Then, racing a national championship on Saturday (?!?) and off to Vegas on Monday…I should have some stuff to write about. 

Buenos nachos, amigos.

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