Pee-town Cross #2

Woah, buddy. Did I get worked. Probably not as bad as last week though.

For starters, in 25+ years of bike racing, I think this was the closest to home I’ve ever raced. Maybe a mile. So nice.

It was hot. Like low 90’s, which for cyclocross is ridiculous. And the course was all super thick grass. Oh em gee, I felt so slow out there.

Anyway, as mentioned, not quite as bad as last week. Probably mostly due to the bike being put together slightly better. Still got lapped by your winner, Jamie Driscoll and a couple other guys.

After the race, our 10 year old took a digger on the playground, running into a bar nose and teeth first. Her nose was bleeding pretty profusely and I’m really hoping her teeth aren’t damaged! She pretty well bit through her tongue, but she was mostly concerned with her lip being swollen though. She’s can play rough, but is still a girly girl at heart and wants to look her best.

Went to Kelly’s folks place after, which remarkably is even closer than our house, and had some ice cream and said our good-byes as they are heading back to Long Beach tomorrow. 

Oh, and I probably missed my chance to do the master’s national crit champs this weekend. Duh, forgot to register. If I can’t find a way in, we’ll go watch and I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. Still trying to finagle my way in though!


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