Not sure…

…if I can stick with this either, but it’s a start. Kinda works with my no photo rule. What do you think?

Ha! Remember when blogs got comments! I mean once in awhile someone will throw you a bone with a pity comment, but it’s just not like the golden days of 2005, now is it? Maybe I need to be more provocative to stir up more debate.

I probably definitely really need to update the other little pages attached to it too. Not even sure what they really say anymore.

Anyway, things here are still rocking. I keep waiting for winter to hit in earnest, but it’s just not time yet! We had a little snow in the mountains on Sunday, but today was like 65 and sunny. Which is a-ok with me too. Must be challenging for the resorts though…blow snow all night and watch it all melt during the day.

I always default to weather when I don’t know where to go with a post.

Kinda lost it and did zero exercise for a week and a half or so, but I’ve been back after it this week. I felt super fat, so I’ve done a few runs, which I think I’m enjoying more than ever.  Bit of riding, of course.

Halloween was sweet. We have a solid routine in place where I take the girls around and Kelly stays home and passes out candy. As an added bonus, her brother usually comes over and hangs out with her. We got some good mileage in. Enough that the younger two not only got into the stroller, but refused to get out of the stroller when we got to houses, like “eh, I’ve got enough candy now”.

Next up we have a few trips planned. Kelly and I will fly to Arizona for a friends’ wedding. This is big time stuff for us as she’s never been more than a night away from the kids and we basically never fly anywhere together. A week and a half later, we’re driving back to AZ for our annual visit to my mom’s. Then, we’ll be only a few short days from ski season and Kelly’s work starting. Should be exciting times!

Now if I flake on posting for a month, at least you’ll know what we did!


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