I don’t even know where I left off.

Spent last week Thanksgivinging with the family in Sedona. It was awesome as always. I did the math and I’ve been at my mom’s 36 of my 37 Thanksgivings. Pretty good record. We missed one when Rory was due.

Speaking of which we celebrated her 3rd birthday yesterday.

Today I flew to Orange County for Felt. It’s been raining all day. Not terribly problematic as I’ve been inside all day. Not what you expect though. Left home at 5:45 and had a stop in Vegas, so two 1-1.5 hour flights instead of 1. The way home I have a real lay-over though, so I won’t get home until midnight-ish. That’s not until Thursday by the by, so another night. I’m in a pretty suite hotel though. Suite, get it? Ha! It’s nice though.

I need to go to bed up in here. I maybe slept 2 hours last night and another half hour on the plane, so I’m getting loopy.


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