Sorry to my friends who heard all this already. Probably more than once. The deal is my car broke down a few hours from home tonight, so I’m stuck in a crappy little motel. I am happy that I had AAA to get me to a town and am able to put myself into a motel (be it EVER so humble).

As I like to say, it could always be worse.

Of course, it could be better too.

Kelly’s (the wife for those that REALLY haven’t been paying attention) due to begin working tomorrow morning, so that cause a bit of panic as I needed to be home to watch the kids. Luckily, her brother has come to the rescue and will be picking up the little ones and the older girls will go to school as per.

I actually ate a sandwich from a gas station for dinner. Cue Vacation quote.

I’m hoping it’ll be minor and I’ll be on the road quickly in the morning.

Wish me luck!


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