Colo-rad, yo!

Ok, trying to take up the old mantle of posting everyday when I’m on the road. At least when I’m on the road without the fam. Yeah, I drove to Denver today. Ended up being darn close to 12 hours door-to-door, which seems extreme. I did visit a few shops along the way. Oh yeah, and I guess I stopped for lunch. And a ride. So I guess that explains it.

Anyway, nothing too cool to talk about there really. Should be a short trip as a storm is due to hit Thursday, so my thought is too get over the big passes Wednesday afternoon and maybe see some shops in Moab on the way home Thursday.

Then, we leave for a week with the fam on Saturday!

Anyway, today was gorgeous. Honestly, couldn’t ask for a better day to drive. Running about 20 degrees above normal temp wise. Just crazy.

I’m so good at telling people about the weather.

I’m pretty wiped out, but I’m going to do some planking and push-ups tonight. Kelly and I have been doing them in the evening. Those that know me know that I’m pretty ripped by nature, but somehow I’ve gotten even more jacked. In all seriousness, I can see a pretty big difference (even if no one else can) just a few weeks in. Our “routine” only takes like 10 minutes, so that’s a pretty solid ROI, in my book.

I was about to tell you what we do, but I should save it for the video so we can make money off it. I swear I was thinking of a workout video as I wrote that. Sounds a little dirtier, I guess.

On that note, I better get to it.

Sounds even worse by myself.


Who Knows How to Rock a Friday Night?


Yeah, blogging! I had a big work deadline today and Kelly was working (yeah, they are still skiing, which blows my mind!) and so it was a little hectic and it felt like I wasn’t super present for the kids. ┬áSo it goes.

I don’t really want to get into the work thing as it’s been on my mind all day. All week. All month, really. So what else?

Aw, man. I don’t know. I’ve been rocking this weekday warrior cycling schedule. Yeah, most people hold out for the weekend, but I’ve been on the opposite program all “winter”.

Oh yeah, I finally got me one of those fancy mountain bicycles. It’s been in my basement for a couple weeks, but I’m fixing to actually build it soon. Pretty stoked on that. Last mountain bike I got was in 1997 and I hear they’ve improved, so that should be good. Last mountain bike race I did was also 1997 (collegiate nationals in Kentucky or somewhere), so maybe I’ll try that again.

Alright, that’s all I’m good for tonight.



Bet you thought that was a one and done, return to blogging form, huh?

Especially as I gave you a few days there. It probably took you a week to figure out that I’m back at it.

Yes, great success!

Anyway, it’s spring here in Utah. After the warmest winter ever, it’s downright balmy up in here. Gotta think we could be in for major fire troubles this summer, but I guess we’ll just enjoy it at the moment.

Kelly is still working at Sundance. We’ll see if they can make it three more weeks. It was probably close to 70 at the resort today, so conditions are probably sub-optimal. It’s Utah though. We could still get hammered in April! Or May.

There’s a big article going around saying CA has one year of water left. We’re probably not that bad off, and in reality, I’m guessing they aren’t either, but it’s definitely a little scary. Gotta think there should be a way to get all the snow run-off from back east out west. If we can pipeline oil, why not water? It’s not like they’re going to want all the snowmelt flooding everything. Or maybe they do. I’m not a scientist. Clearly.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight. Peace out, homies.

Remember me

Hey, remember that time when I got stuck in Cedar City for four months?

Wow, am I glad that’s over!

No, like everyone on Earth, I “adapted” and fit all my thoughts, hopes, dreams, and especially selfies into short enough soundbites for twitter/instagram/facebook. Or twinstamyface, as I like to call. No MySpaces were actually harmed, or used, however.

Anyway, my best friend in all of Esopus, New York texted to ask if the blog was dead. Of course, this is just the sort of motivation it takes for me to get off my tuchus and come up with this mind altering, if not Earth shattering, post.

I feel like, maybe, trying to write about the last 4 months would be kinda longish, so instead I guess I’ll call this good.

Wait, what? Is that too short?

Okay, something that happened today…I found out that I won’t be able to race the Tushar Crusher yet again this year. I missed it last year for a sales meeting and yes, missing it again this year for a sales meeting. Two different companies. What are the odds? Anyway, I was kinda counting on that to keep me motivated as it’s really, really hard and at least if you’re fit, you’re suffering for less time. So now, I have to dig into my european carry-all of motivation and wrap my head around something else to live train for.

Lots of other stuff happened today too. Imagine that. Sick kid, work stuff, driving. And outside of my little bubble, even more stuff happened. Fascinating world we live in.

Anyway, if anyone reads this, pinky swear, I’m going to be better about updating. But, for now, I must sign off. Farewell and adieu.