Bet you thought that was a one and done, return to blogging form, huh?

Especially as I gave you a few days there. It probably took you a week to figure out that I’m back at it.

Yes, great success!

Anyway, it’s spring here in Utah. After the warmest winter ever, it’s downright balmy up in here. Gotta think we could be in for major fire troubles this summer, but I guess we’ll just enjoy it at the moment.

Kelly is still working at Sundance. We’ll see if they can make it three more weeks. It was probably close to 70 at the resort today, so conditions are probably sub-optimal. It’s Utah though. We could still get hammered in April! Or May.

There’s a big article going around saying CA has one year of water left. We’re probably not that bad off, and in reality, I’m guessing they aren’t either, but it’s definitely a little scary. Gotta think there should be a way to get all the snow run-off from back east out west. If we can pipeline oil, why not water? It’s not like they’re going to want all the snowmelt flooding everything. Or maybe they do. I’m not a scientist. Clearly.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight. Peace out, homies.


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