It’s a good thing I’m going home tomorrow as I really struggle to remember to do this.

Anyway, big day out on the road today. Some stuff went really well and some other stuff sucked. Ended up making the drive back to Grand Junction. I thought about just powering on home, but I don’t know…it’d be pretty late. Theoretically, I’ll go to Moab in the morning and pop in on a few shops before driving home. Not sure how fruitful that’ll be though as it’s probably a bunch of schools’ spring breaks and Moab is probably a completely scene at the moment. In case you’re not following me, the shops will be too busy to talk to lowly reps such as myself. Maybe I’m wrong though. I figure I should pop my head in anyway as it’s been awhile.

So, yeah, I’m at the Day’s Inn in GJ if anyone wants to party! Nah, it’s okay though. I’ve stayed here before and the breakfast is really good. So I have that to look forward to.

Speaking of food. The Denny’s next door gave me a steak knife with my veggie burger tonight. I wonder if it’s like in their rule book or whatever that burgers must be served with a steak knife. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Alright, I should really go to bed.


Oh, Dang

I nearly forgot about making the bloggings.

So, I don’t know…today was a typical rep day. Went and bought doughnuts and coffee and took them to a meeting. Did not consume either of them! Drove a whole, whole bunch and saw a bunch of cool bike shops and such. Got in a little ride in the evening. Very nice little canyon. Lots of other cyclists on the roads. Lots of cars too, which isn’t as cool, but it was good.

Anyway, I’m wiped out. I’m staying at my partner in CO’s place on a blow up mattress. I don’t tend to sleep well when I’m on the road, for whatever reason. And then, even when I’m tired, I tend to stay up later than normal. It’s weird.

I guess that’s all I have for tonight. Farewell and adieu.