All About the Me

From something I wrote sometime:

 Born and raised in Richmond, VA, Barrett began his lifelong obsession with bikes at the local BMX track at the age of 4. By 12, he was onto a road bike though it took a few years for him to see any results. Once Barrett finally hit puberty, things started to go better and he found himself in the top 10 at junior nationals. This led him to a cycling scholarship at Marian College in Indianapolis, IN. During his five year (he’s a little slow) stint at Marian, Barrett won five Midwest Conference Championships, and five Collegiate National Championship medals. He was also named an NCCA All-American. Upon graduation, Barrett moved with his new wife Kelly (also a scholarship cyclist) to her hometown of Long Beach, CA where he was quickly picked up by the NetZero Pro Cycling Team. Barrett spent three years racing pro with NetZero, Schroeder Iron, Monex and the US National Team before moving to Utah to quit cycling and become a full-time family guy. Fortunately, the quitting thing didn’t work out and Barrett is currently trying to find the perfect zen balance between family guy, and egomaniacal dirtball bike racer. He currently resides in Provo with wife, Kelly, and daughters Haley, Morgan and Piper and Rory.

Anyway, if there’s anything else I can tell ya, post it to the comments, or email me and I’ll put it here.


9 thoughts on “All About the Me

  1. Yeeeeahhh!!! Well, some of us have day jobs and between selling the world’s greatest wheels, I pretty much spill all my thoughts onto the blog.
    Anyway, good to hear from you and congrats on the engagement and all your success!!

  2. Yo, I am always looking to update this page. Unfortunately, I am technologically inept and couldn’t use a digital camera until last week. If you have some old photos of me, send ’em my way, and they’ll maybe end up here.

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