Happy Reunion

Yeah, we got our Kelly back!!

Well, first I’ll tell you it was snowing when I dropped the girls off at school. Like snowing hard. Not sure I’m ready for that, but 99% sure I don’t have a say.

Then, I was super stoked to run to the airport this morning to pick up mommy dearest.

Haley and Morgan were in school, but it was absolutely precious to see the looks on Piper and Rory’s faces when she came out. Pretty similar when we got the girls from school actually, but there’s something about the little ones…

Grabbed lunch on the way home. Always interesting with kids. The place didn’t burn down, so I guess that’s a win.

Nothing else too exciting. Kelly’s bro Jeff came by, and hung out for a bit. Kelly gave us all dets on the funeral. It was too bad we couldn’t all be out there, but I think it was the right choice for us. I can’t really imagine trying to load everyone up and make it out there on my own. Now, if Kelly had been here…yeah, we’re a good team and probably would have made it happen. Anyway, enough speculation.

Overall, not 100% proud of my skillz as a single dad, but not too shabby either. I’d give myself a B, probably. Lost it from time to time, but mostly it went pretty well. The older kids were trying super hard to make it easy on me too, and yeah, I had lots of help. Glad it’s over, but hopefully I’m more appreciative of what Kelly does. Not that I wasn’t before, but I should probably look to these situations as growth opportunities.





Yeah, it’s Wednesday, but I won’t be home until Thursday.

It’s been snowing pretty much all day and basically every flight at DIA is delayed. I am now schedule to leave at 12:20am. Meaning I should get home around 3:00 or 3:30. Sweet beans.

I’m just not that person who goes crazy about it. I mean it snowed. It sucks. I won’t get much sleep, but (most likely) I’m going to get home and be safe and with my family. So I get to hang out in the airport for 6 hours or so. Not such a big deal really.

We had a pretty epic drive this morning. It took 3 hours+ to get to CO Springs from Boulder. Otherwise, the day was pretty uneventful. Lots of slide-offs and what-not, but we weren’t involved.

Anyway, I don’t have a lot to report, just doing my usual “on the road” daily post. Pretty jazzed to get home.

Whereby I use more tags than words in the post…

I am supposed to update when I’m on the road, so here we go…

At DIA, waiting for my flight. I am pretty blown, so this will be quick n’ dirty.

Ear thing seems to be nearly resolved. Weird. But good.

Basically didn’t sleep last night. Around 4:00, I gave up trying and got up for the day. Hopefully, this will pan out for a nappy-poo on the plane. I am guessing I will get middle seat, which kinda sucks when you 6’4″, but it’s faster than walking.

Managed to squeeze in a run today. I was slow, but it was 60 degrees, which felt marvelous.

Otherwise, successful voyage thus far. Really looking forward to being home, but I have miles to go before I sleep.

I think I’ll go find some awesome airport food now.