Antibiotics, Sick Kids, Snowmageddon and We’re Not in CA (yet?!?)…

I could save the trouble and just post that and let you figure it out.

Since I last left off, I went to the doc on Xmas eve. As you can imagine, it sucked. But the antibiotics are doing the trick. When you know exactly what’s wrong with you, they should just let the receptionist write the prescription. Or just email it to me. Would save so much time.

Christmas proper was fantastic. I am not that guy that is going to write a sappy post about how great his wife is, but seriously, these kids got it good!  Yes, it was a white Christmas too.

We were planning to use Wednesday to take down the decorations and pack for our trip to CA on Thurs (today), but Piper went ahead and barfed and that put the brakes on that plan for the moment. A bust as we were due to go camping in Anza Borrego, where we’ve not been in years and one of my favorite places… On the other hand, camping with barfy kids is even less appealing, so here we are. 

Maybe it’s good we weren’t on the road this morning as we got a ton of snow yesterday and at least a metric ton more last night. This is maybe the most snow I can remember on the ground at once since we moved here.

We thought Piper was all good as she hadn’t harfed in 24 hours, so she had some milk this morning…which promptly made a reappearance. She seems to be on the up now (maybe), but of course, now I worry about everyone else. 

Kelly is taking advantage of all the snow up at Sundance this afternoon and I will take the girls tomorrow. Whether we get to CA or not is up in the air now. I am pretty sure I don’t want to camp at this point, all things considered. We could still go on Tuesday, when everyone (in-laws, I mean) will be back from camping, but technically the girls are supposed to be back in school Thursday. We were going to stretch out the break through the following weekend, but it’s tougher to justify taking the extra days when you’re not already out there… we’ll see.

Anyway, I guess that’s the quick and dirty. Wish us luck!!