So Far, So Okay

So, yeah, here’s an update…

I need to get a battery for the bathroom scale. That would make for some concrete evidence going forward. #1 training tool for a cyclist.

Anyway, I managed to ride T, W, Th…Not a lot, but each of those days. Some flats, some climbing (even broke a spoke under my Xtreme powa), and even an hour on rollers. Will wonders never cease? I didn’t ride yesterday. Did take (all) the kids skiing yesterday…having Rory on my back the whole time counts as a workout for sure. 

Today is going to be tough. Kelly works all day. I thought about getting up super early to ride rollers this morning, but then I didn’t get to sleep until 1:00ish, so that wasn’t going to happen. Maybe I can jump on the rollers or go for a quick run when she gets home. It’s tough though, she’s tired after a long day on the slopes, I’m worked over from kid herding all day and it’s nice just to have us all together! We’ll see. Tomorrow’s pretty much out. I rarely ride on Sundays (not against it from a religious perspective, it just doesn’t happen), plus Kelly is working again. I have to teach my class too. My partner was released, so I teach every week now. Not complaining, I like my group!

Alright, that’s about all I have. Stay tuned. You never know when I’ll do something awesome. Or awesomely stupid.



Yep. I have get to teach a class in church tomorrow.

I should really get off my duff and do some prep for it while all the kids are playing nicely (hallelujah to that), but I haven’t really been up for it just yet. I should really lay Rory down for a nap, but as mentioned, everyone’s getting along for the moment, so why spoil it? Not quite true as Morgan is actually out of the house, but Haley has a friend over, so I’m still at 4 girls in the house, so I figure it counts.

Kelly is working today, so I took the girls out to Alpine to watch a fat obese bike race. It was pretty cold and windy, but we only hung out for half an hour or so to see some of my homies and then we bailed, so I don’t think it counts as child abuse. The whole obese bike (fat is so insensitive) trend is so weird to me, but it does look like fun. I am just surprised so many people are willing to spring for what is typically a 3rd or 4th bike in the quiver. Glad they are though!

Not much else to report. Check out my flipagram:

I just used the pictures and the very limited music on my phone, but I think it came out great!

Kids are Resilient

Yeah, the talk went pretty well. Morgan was pretty upset, but was able to get back into whatever she was doing previously pretty quickly. Haley (and this is very Haley) needed to go off on her own for a little bit and process it. But she came around, and we ended up having a pretty good day.

I was going to go pack everyone up and go to church, but then I flaked. Plenty of excuses, not that I need one. Mostly though, I was just waiting for Kelly to call so she could FaceTime with the girls. They loved it so much yesterday, I felt like we had to be on it again. This is by far the longest Kelly’s been away from the kids, so a little connection is good.

On that note, Kelly may extend her stay through the funeral, meaning she’ll be gone until Friday. This sounds harrowing for me, but that’s pretty selfish, really. It’s only a few more days and I can handle holding down the fort a bit and catch up on work quickly thereafter.

So back to today, we didn’t do a ton, but made it up to Sundance to hang out for a bit. It was pretty cool up there, but not cold. It was good for the kids to run around a bit. We considered riding the lift, but the girls weren’t into it and it was fun just to hang out. Sundance Sundays are something of a family tradition, but it has actually been awhile.

Finally, thanks to my old pal Dr. Sandros for noting my incredible run of blogging form. I usually don’t post when I’m down, but I’ve actually been enjoying putting some thoughts together again. Maybe I’ll make it a habit. Don’t bet on it though.

Blog Post, Doctors orders

A big thank you to Dr. Sandros, MD for noting my rapidly declining blogging form. Yeah, just got lazy there. Not really sure where I left off, maybe in CA. Let’s see, we came home, I worked a bit, then worked Tour of Utah….

The race was off the proverbial hook. It was a little weird seeing Horner vs. Danielson for the G.C. I remember getting beat up by them 10 years ago, so I don’t know. Just ready for some new blood, I guess. But, I can’t say ANYTHING bad about the race. It was pretty unreal. Unfortunately, I was working it the whole time, so didn’t see much!

Since then it’s been worky, jerky. Lots of catch-up to do there. I had a good week last week for sure.

Trying to regain some lost fitness too.

What else? Got the Haley-girl her own cyclocross bike. I think she’ll outgrow it relatively quickly (26″), but I think the smaller wheels will help her get more comfortable, more quickly. And we can just put road tires on in the spring if we want.

Today we went to church. We hadn’t been in awhile and it was great. I know that’s weird to a lot of my friends, but I do enjoy it.

Back at it tomorrow. The Colorado race starts tomorrow as well, but we all know they have nothing on Utah!! Hahaha. Anyway, pretty glad I was not required to work the event. With all the work I need to make up locally and the girls starting school this week, it would not have gone over well!

Anyhoo, I’ll stay on it now. Pinky swear. Maybe.

Da Haps

Let’s see…I left off in the Steezy Jeezy. It was a good trip. Quick and busy!! 42 hours door-to-door, with 19 or 20 hours in a tent, 8 hours of driving, 3.5 on a bike…oh, and sleep, I gotta sleep.

I got in pretty late (for an old dude), but we had a plan for Saturday morning and we had to execute. Off to collegiate nationals to watch our Alma Mater put it down. I did the math (not my specialty) and it was 17 years ago that I went off to Marian College (now University). Meaning some of the kids on the current team were in diapers. Ooof. Anyway, they killed it and it was fun to watch.

I really feel U-SAC should put more emphasis on collegiate racing. And more colleges should get involved. This would be the best way for the bulk of cyclists to develop, in my opinion. Running off to Europe after high school is great, but most of us can’t make the protour thing work out. So, if people could get school did and race at a high level at the same time, it’s a win-win. 

Sunday, we went to church and mostly hung out the rest of the day. I was pretty worked. And maybe a little cranky.

Since then, it’s been mostly worky-jerky and a little riding. Kelly’s racing at Sundance tonight, so pretty stoked on that. Hoping the weather holds. We’ve had beautiful weather the bulk of the day the past couple days, with major storms blowing in and out of nowhere. Today’s supposed to be the same. It’s weird, it’ll be sunny and 70, then the wind picks up, rain starts, the temp drops 20 degrees and an hour later, it’s warm again.

That’s all I have for now. Have a stupendous day.

Two posts in one weekend…

…for real.

Yesterdee…I should say I have started writing all my “days” with a Utah accent, so yeah, yesterdee, also known as Saturdee, I got a big ride in. 4.5 hours, ~80 miles…Lots of wind! That’s the longest ride I’ve done all year. I felt horrible at the start, probably on account of skiing all day the day before. I got better and better throughout and felt downright good the last hour though. This is also a first for the year… Typically I’ve been struggling towards the end. So yeah, I think I’m getting some fitness banked up.

Last night, we had a get together with Kelly’s family for Piper’s birthday. It was oodles of fun and she (Pip) made out like a bandit, of course.

This morning (Sundee), I watched the Amstel Gold race while getting ready for church. Sadly, church didn’t go too well. Piper didn’t want to go to class, so I had to sit with her and eventually I took her and Rory home. So here I am. Kelly, Haley, and Morg should be back in half an hour or so and I think Kelly’s going for a ride with her dad this afternoon. Then, we’re supposed to do recommend interview this evening.

Still thinking to finally kick off the race season next weekend. I rode the course in the opposite direction yesterday and it’s in horrible condition…potholes, gravel, cattle grates- just my style! If it’s as windy as yesterday, I think I could do something. We’ll see though. Still have a trip to Colorado this week to get through first!

Good week

We had a super nice last week. Started out in the low 50’s and topped out in the low 70’s. Felt sooo good. I have an order deadline TODAY, so it was a bit hectic, but I found time to get out and ride a couple hours everyday, save yesterday. Yeah, I definitely needed a “day of rest”.

None of the rides were terribly taxing, but going from typically only a couple rides a week, I could definitely feel the cumulative fatigue by the end of the week. Could have been the antibiotics too, but I was off them at the end of the week, so I don’t think so.

Last night, our little Rory barely slept. I’m sure Kelly will be a zombie today as she was up with her for a long time. Around 4:30, Rory finally fell asleep, but then I started thinking of all the stuff I have to do and couldn’t sleep, so an hour or so later, I got up and entered a couple orders and now, here I am.

I was definitely a bit off the back on blogging, so I guess it worked out. Might trade a couple hours of sleep for this post in retrospect.

Nothing too crazy for St. Paddy’s yesterday. Airport run to pick up Kelly’s bro and an extended family dinner. Of course, we churched it up firsties.

Oh, on that note, I am failing miserably at my goal of reading the Book of Mormon in March. I WILL get it done before our sealing, but this month is looking out of reach.

I am leaving for Colorado again tomorrow, so expect more updates. Road warrior!!


And then…


So, I finally broke my photo ban, but at least I used one of the finest films of all time in doing so.

Anyway, when last we left off I was coming home from Denver. Thursday and Friday were a bit of a blur. I was booked solid on Thursday and most of Friday. When I got home on Thursday, Kelly had the girls out. I NEVER have the house to myself and so, even though I told Kelly I was going for a run, I promptly fell asleep on the couch. I slept for 2 hours, and then had no problem going to bed a few hours later. Friday I drove around all day again, but wasn’t feeling great. Saturday I woke up with a horrid pain in my throat. Kelly took the girls to the library in the morning so I could rest and I slept another two hours. Not usually a napper, pinky swear.

That afternoon, I cracked and went to Urgent Care. And yeah, I had strep throat. They gave me the option of a giant shot in the butt or a Z-pack. The one and done approach of the shot was tempting, but the doc made it sound pretty bad, so I went with the oral option.

Sunday, I was still no good. You can imagine how stoked Kelly Belly was given I was gone all week and then sick all weekend. Anyway, she took Haley and Morg to church in the morning and then took Morg skiing in the afternoon. Haley, Piper, Rory and I went to the park, but I was in a foul mood and probably not on my best daddy form.

Feeling spot on now and we are getting some nice spring-like weather this week, so I’m trying to make the most of it. Had a week with practically no exercise, so starting from scratch again. The strep did curb my appetite, so I lost a couple pounds, so that was a bonus. Got out for a goodie today, so that’s something.

Fingers now crossed for the rest of the family to stay healthy!














1-900-Blogs-a-lot and kick them nasty thoughts

Another week of radness. Nothing cray-cray to report. 

Did some trail running in the snow early in the week when it was cold.

Took the girls skiing Wed evening

Kelly took V.D. to a whole new level… Valentine’s Day, and I mean dinner and such with the kids. Not, you know, kinky stuff.

Finally rode my new bike yesterday. It’s the exact same bike as I was on previously. Amazing how much better a new bike feels though. And the “old” one was only 6 months old!

Kelly is at yoga this morning. I am going to take the kids (100% of them) to Target to pick up a gift for a birthday party Haley is going to later today when Rory gets up from her nap. I’m going to try to get a solid ride in this afternoon. It’s sunny and mid-40’s, which should feel downright tropical after the winter we’ve had.

I think tomorrow will be church and maybe we sneak in some skiing and then Monday the kids are off school. Maybe we’ll just ski Monday. I want them to stay pumped on it, so trying not to go overboard. I don’t know. They seem to love it.

I’m going to Colorado on Tuesday. Very excited to see my friends, Anna and Jared. Yes, they live in Montana, but it looks like we’ll all be descending upon Colorado at the same time. It will be a busy week though as I’m losing Monday (President’s Day) and I have dealer events Tuesday and Thursday nights, plus all the shops I need to see in the day. Planning to get home on Friday night. Hoping the weather holds out for me. Apparently a solid snow storm is coming Tuesday night. Half the time Colorado doesn’t get anything out of our storms though.

Back Home

Crushed the drive home. GJ to Provo, no stops. In the proverbial “zone”. I even remembered to bring everything home with me. I think.

The girls had a half day so I wanted to get home before them, mission accomplished. Kelly took them skiing in the afternoon, while I tended to the wee ones and then we all went out for burgers.

Saturday morning, Kelly went to yoga and I sat around, which felt so, so good. That afternoon, I went out for a big run. I don’t think of myself as a runner, but maybe I am getting there as I ran more days this week than I rode! Anyway, I wasn’t planning anything special, but as I ran the idea of getting above the inversion struck me, so I ran up Rock Canyon and yes, it was magical up there. The trail got narrower than my hips (“child bearing”) towards the top and snowshoes would have been appropriate. It was warm and sunny at elevation and with the steep climb and snow on the ground, I was hot! Such a good feeling. Ended up doing 9.5 miles, which is by a shot the longest run I’ve done, but that really doesn’t tell the story as the snow and terrain made it much longer timewise. I thought I’d be super sore, but not too bad really.

We have 9:00 church now, which makes Sunday mornings a rush job, but I love getting out at noon and having the rest of the day. Not that I did much…scored a nap before heading to a neighbors’ to watch “Frankenweenie”. Not surprisingly, this movie was a bit much for Haley and Morgan and they both ended up sleeping on our floor last night. Piper woke up and wound up in our bed too, so only Rory was missing from our family slumber party. Not as fun as it sounds.

Kelly’s considering yoga again this morning and then I’m going to take the girls skiing. It will likely be crowded with the film festival on and schools’ shut down for MLK day. On the other hand, we have it pretty good around here and it’s never really that crowded.

Another big week ahead of me, with the Outdoor Retailer starting Wednesday…