Live from DIA…

Yeah, chilling in the aeropuerto. Thank the heavens for free wifi. I don’t pack my own.

Nothing super incredible happened today, but I did get to the airport 4 hours before my flight and…

1) for the first time ever there was no line at DIA

B) flight was delayed an additional hour

Flight has actually gone back to “on time” now, which is nice. Hopefully it stays that way as it’ll be pushing midnight when I get home irregardlessly. That’s a word, look it up.

Not a crazy story to be had from today. Went to a bunch of bike shops and talked a bunch of bike stuff. That’s about all. My plan is still to get through this booking season (a few more weeks) and then start shopping for a new sub-rep for CO. I will still be out here regularly, but you can’t expect to grow the business beyond a certain point without someone around ALL the time. It’s really dependent on relationships. Like I know I have products and lines and programs that are clearly better than stuff being stocked here and there, but getting in the door can be tough. So I’ll need some help.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Ready to get home to my girls!



Whereby I use more tags than words in the post…

I am supposed to update when I’m on the road, so here we go…

At DIA, waiting for my flight. I am pretty blown, so this will be quick n’ dirty.

Ear thing seems to be nearly resolved. Weird. But good.

Basically didn’t sleep last night. Around 4:00, I gave up trying and got up for the day. Hopefully, this will pan out for a nappy-poo on the plane. I am guessing I will get middle seat, which kinda sucks when you 6’4″, but it’s faster than walking.

Managed to squeeze in a run today. I was slow, but it was 60 degrees, which felt marvelous.

Otherwise, successful voyage thus far. Really looking forward to being home, but I have miles to go before I sleep.

I think I’ll go find some awesome airport food now.