Baby Steps

So this week has been marginally better. I’ve ridden 3x, run 2x and skied pow! The volume has still been really low, but hey, I’m getting something done. Today I’ll take off. I did shovel the driveway, which has to count for something. 

Tonight we’re (darling wife and I) going to see “Rising from Ashes”. If you’re not familiar, click the link:


I just saw it on Wednesday, but it was great, so I’m happy to see it again. Can’t believe it took me this long to see it in the first place.

Hanging out with Piper and Rory this morning. I’m trying to get some work done (and blogging, because that’s super important) before heading off to the library. Not much else to report at the moment.


One more day in Quebexico

Pretty stoked to fly home tomorrow. Although it has been rad.

Today was good, just meetings all day. And then a “closing party” in the eve, which is still going on. I am kicking ass at being the sober guy. As always!

Couldn’t find a bike to ride. The Canadians are hoarding them, apparently. Really it’s quite nice to work for a company where you have to fight for a bike. Better that than some widget company, no?

I got out for a run though. The trails were super muddy, so some trail some road, all good. Not good like pedaling a bike though. Rest in peace, tiny amount of fitness I had built up. It was great knowing you!

Whatever, I am super amped right now. Ready to conquer the world. Gotta keep this spirit going!  As Lord Big Ring says “Wake up. Kick ass. Repeat.”

And then…


So, I finally broke my photo ban, but at least I used one of the finest films of all time in doing so.

Anyway, when last we left off I was coming home from Denver. Thursday and Friday were a bit of a blur. I was booked solid on Thursday and most of Friday. When I got home on Thursday, Kelly had the girls out. I NEVER have the house to myself and so, even though I told Kelly I was going for a run, I promptly fell asleep on the couch. I slept for 2 hours, and then had no problem going to bed a few hours later. Friday I drove around all day again, but wasn’t feeling great. Saturday I woke up with a horrid pain in my throat. Kelly took the girls to the library in the morning so I could rest and I slept another two hours. Not usually a napper, pinky swear.

That afternoon, I cracked and went to Urgent Care. And yeah, I had strep throat. They gave me the option of a giant shot in the butt or a Z-pack. The one and done approach of the shot was tempting, but the doc made it sound pretty bad, so I went with the oral option.

Sunday, I was still no good. You can imagine how stoked Kelly Belly was given I was gone all week and then sick all weekend. Anyway, she took Haley and Morg to church in the morning and then took Morg skiing in the afternoon. Haley, Piper, Rory and I went to the park, but I was in a foul mood and probably not on my best daddy form.

Feeling spot on now and we are getting some nice spring-like weather this week, so I’m trying to make the most of it. Had a week with practically no exercise, so starting from scratch again. The strep did curb my appetite, so I lost a couple pounds, so that was a bonus. Got out for a goodie today, so that’s something.

Fingers now crossed for the rest of the family to stay healthy!














4 months-ish…

That’s how long I have to get to where I don’t suck.

The Allan Butler Memorial Crit is June 29 and two weeks later is The Crusher. I’m sure I’ll do some other races this year, but these are the two I care about. Long term readers understand my obsession with the AB Crit. The Crusher, on the other hand, is totally new to me, but I just haven’t been good for a long, hard event like that in a long time and I want to prove to myself I can still “get it up” for such an event.

So, training for a 1 hour twilight criterium and a (hopefully sub) 5 hour dirt road race…I think all my training will be geared toward the Crusher. Past history indicates that if I’m fit for that and do a little speedwork, I should be good all-around.

It feels funny to be obsessing about races that are months away. The last time I did that was probably the San Francisco Grand Prix 10 years ago, but I like that I’ve got a goal in mind and something I am working towards. I feel like I need to be good for the AB Crit because I think Allan would like to see me still putting it down and the crusher…I think I just have to get really fit or it’s going to be miserable.

I’ve already mentioned my lack of fitness enough recently, but I did manage a (relatively) solid ride today, so that’s something.

Nancy, that’s what I’d name this storm…

So yeah, Kelly and I had our big ski day on Friday. It was sweet. Pretty icy dicey when you got off the groomers, but what-evs. We had a great time! It has been two years since we were able to ski together… We found out Rory would be joining our clan just a few days after our last session.

Anyway, just as we were leaving it started dumping and Sundance has actually gotten more snow thus far than any of the other Utah resorts. This is quite rare. 10″ last night and it’s pretty much been snowing all afternoon…I’m sure the conditions have improved dramatically! When can I get up there again?? 

One of us should go tomorrow.

Today I took the girls to the library while Kelly went to yoga in the morning and then I went for a big run in the afternoon. I “only” ran 9.5 miles, but it was a couple hours as about half was on snow plus 1200′ of climbing. It was snowing the whole time, but got pretty heavy towards the end…They’d probably name the storm if we were on the east coast.

Bad timing?

I do feel like I’m getting some general fitness back, but I am a LONG way from any kind of bike racing form. I know after all these years, I can get it going pretty quickly in a pinch. 

I’ve dropped a couple pounds, which is good. Not coming off like they used to, but I’m not training like I used to either! I think running is the ticket for weight loss. Any ride I do I am starving after, but I can do a pretty solid run like today and not be hungry at all. 

Bringing skinny back.

I had some less “dorky training post” I meant to write about, but I lost it in my massive brain. I think I am going to relax by the fire rather than trying to find it…


This week

Like most weeks, it had 7 days.

The End.

Oh, okay…more details if you insist. We had a house full of sickies most of the week. Err’body’s on antibiotics (save, Kelly, Rory and I). Okay, I guess 50% of us are on antibiotics. 

I got a decent powder day in on Wednesday. One of those days where it was warm and barely snowing/almost sunny at the base and howling wind, blowing snow on top. It was icy in some spots and super deep in others. Hopefully, my skillz are improving. 

The rest of the week I was mostly running. A couple good trail runs in the snow. Saw what appeared to be some cougar tracks, along with elk, moose and that most rare creature, the magestic deer. I am slow as syrup running, but I am starting to enjoy it, which I never thought I’d say. 

Yesterday, I actually got out on a bike ride. Just an hour, as Kelly was taking Haley and Morgan skiing in the evening, but it was sweet. Not terribly cold.  I’m due to go out for more today. Hopefully, it’s the start of something. 

Piper still sounds pretty sick, but hopefully err’body’s on the mend.


So I think I’ve pretty well made up my mind and I’m going to do the Crusher this year. That is, assuming I can get in. Registration opens this week. I’ve never done one of these events where you have to sign up way ahead of time. My approach is typically “I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow, much less 6 months from now”. That said, I am super excited to throw my hat in the ring.

It’s a 70 mile road/dirt road race with like 11,000′ of climbing. Not exactly playing to my strengths…I haven’t done well on extended climbs in a good 10 years and I’m haven’t been known for my off-road skills ever.

I don’t think I’m going to win or anything, but I would like to get to where I am semi-competitive, which will be a long road! I am probably in some of my worst cycling shape ever at the moment, but I’ve got 7 months and I love the idea of having an event to focus on.

I’ve always been that way. Back in the day, I could plod along with okay form, racing every week, but when I had that one big event in the back of my mind, I could get super fit. I don’t know what’s realistic given family and work priorities these days, but I know I can get going a lot better than I am now!

I am going to start “training” tomorrow (Yes, the most popular day to begin any exercise program- tomorrow!). Don’t expect anything too awesome- we’ve got a gnarly inversion here at the moment, so we’ve had highs in the teens and low 20’s lately. Not so fun.

So anyway, you now have 7 months of geeky training and equipment posts to look forward to.

You’re welcome.