Not my best day out

There’s times where this video is too accurate to be funny. Today was like that. Not a bad day, per say, just a lot of driving for little action. Feeling the pressure with deadlines no longer looming, but passing!

All the same, I love what I do.

I did get out for a quick ride this evening, which was nice. FB homies forgive me for telling the same story, but I had lunch in Boulder at 65 degrees and sunny. Saw a few shops, and got in the car with the plan to ride when I got to Colorado Springs. It got colder and colder on the drive, until I hit 35 and snowing. My motivation to ride was gone. Then, the sun came back out and it got back up close to 50, so I had to ride anyway. No excuses.

Saw some deer that must’ve been part honey badger. One was totally in my lane and I had to go into the wrong lane to get around it. She just looked at me like “Oh, sorry, am I in YOUR way? I’m sure you have something REALLY important to do on that bike of yours”. Even the bucks didn’t care that I was right next to them.

Really ready to go home tomorrow. It hasn’t been that long a trip, but it feels long for whatever reason. Fingers crossed for the weather to hold…