Busy Week…

Yeah, it’s back to Colorado tomorrow. Two days only though, but then I’m up in Logan on Thursday and traveling with one of my (many) bosses on Friday. Bit of a whirlwind.

I have something weird going on with my ear as well. My left ear hurts when I swallow. I had a sinus infection back in December that felt similar, but I just got a note from my insurance on that one…They are “concerned” it may be a pre-existing condition and therefore not covered. Let me go ahead and tell you I went to Urgent Care on Christmas eve…probably not something you do for a pre-existing condition. In any case, my understanding is that most of such things will go away on their own if you don’t treat them, so I’m going to try that route for the moment.

Despite this weird pain and generally feeling lethargic, I did get out for a quick ride today. Pretty much just to squeeze something in as the rest of the week ain’t looking good. I put on basically the full Stay-Puft suit to try and stay warm. I don’t care what anyone says I believe you can “sweat it out”.

Oh yeah, my big challenge. I am trying to have my own “March Madness” and read the entire Book of Mormon this month. I started out good yesterday, but today is looking like a flop-ola. Wish me luck.

And my non-Mo readership can take that however they choose.