At last, we are getting nailed. Resorts are looking at 20-36″ from yesterday through Sunday. Pretty stoked. I don’t know when I’ll get up there though as Kelly works tomorrow and Saturday and I’ll have to say home with the kiddoes. I guess I could go Friday night or maybe… Sunday? Sometimes it’s hard being super Mormon-ish.

In any case, it’s good news all around. The old snow was super crusty, the air was bad and now we don’t have those problems. Plus water and less fires, if you’re into the long term.

Growing up in Virginia, they closed schools pretty much any time we had snow. Yes, western snow is “different” (POW), but still, they have yet to close schools since we’ve lived here (10 years). And we do get a decent amount of snow! They are REALLY good at clearing the roads here though. As long as you’re not driving during the storm, you’re pretty much fine with 2WD.

In other news, just finding my groove again this week. Weather has presented some challenges there, but I didn’t have a ton scheduled, so it’s worked out okay. 

I’ve done some riding and running this week, so I feel slightly less sloth-like, which is nice. 


No Idea Where I Left Off

It’s a good thing I have two readers who let me know when I am slacking off.

It’s a little bit hard coming up with blog fodder, since I post everything that happens in my life to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, MySpace, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Flickr, so if you’ve heard this song before…here it is again.

We had a great visit to Sedona last week for Thanksgiving. As always, Kelly did a great post on it. We lucked out with the weather and it was low-mid 60’s pretty much all week. We spent a lot of time at the park, hiking, Chowing on great food, and most days Kelly and I were able to sneak out for a mountain bike ride mid-day during Rory’s nap. This was super rad as we pretty much never get to ride together these days. Plus, they’d gotten a bunch of rain the previous weekend, so the trails were super buff!

The only bummer sauce was I got super sick one night. I don’t know what happened, but I got the barfs and had to be quarantined for a night. No one else has gotten it (fingers crossed), so we’ll count that as a win.

So, a big thanks to my mom and her husband Ken for hosting us!

We got back Saturday night. Sunday was Rory’s birthday, so we skipped Sacrament (1st of 3 hours of church to the non-Mormons…yeah, 3 hours, we’re crazy like that. I should also mention that we skipped it to eat a big birthday breakfast and it was Fast Sunday. Again, for the non-Mormons, as the name implies, we’re not supposed to eat on Fast Sunday. So I guess I’m not perfect. I did make it in time to teach my new class (16-18 year olds), I guess they’l let anyone teach this stuff.

Monday was back to reality, but I’ve definitely entered into a slow period of my work…It won’t last, winter ’14-15 samples have shipped, so I’ll be selling that soon enough. So, I got out for a really nice mountain bike ride that day. All this mountain biking is actually being done on a ‘cross bike, but whatever.

Tuesday winter hit and we went from high’s in the 50’s to 15″ of snow on the ground and high’s in the teens. Yeah. Going to have to dig out the winter gear I guess.

Well, dear reader, I appreciate your hanging tough through that monster of a us a post. I’d like to say I’ll post again soon, but we all know that’s not likely. 


On the Road Again…

If I’m posting, that can only mean one thing…on the road again.

Jumped out of bed at 5:15 this morning to await my destiny in the great state of Colorado.

Sadly, I managed to back over one of the wheels of the stroller as I backed the car out of the garage. Unfortunately, this is the 3rd time I’ve managed to do this and I think it’s not worth repairing. Now we have to decide if it’s worth getting a new stroller when our youngest kid is almost 2….

Wow, this post went off topic. Anyway, I made it to the airport. Yes! Traveling by airplane!! So much faster than driving. Or walking. Continued on my journey to Denver.

Spent most of the day visiting accounts in Colorado Springs. It went well. No wacky stories to tell or anything, just kind of a normal day in the sales rep life. Probably better than average, really.

Spending tonight in the Holiday Inn Expresss in Boulder. I don’t feel any smarter. I do feel poorer, however. Excuse me, “more poor”…maybe it is working.

I ran on a treadmill. This was exciting for at least 3 reasons. 

1) I hate running inside. 

B) I haven’t run since June

3) I listened to the Book of Mormon on tape while I ran.

We’ll see if I can walk tomorrow.

After my epic run of extreme epicnicity, I walked to Subway for a delicious air pipe. It was 35 minutes to closing time, but they already had everything packed away. They were kind enough to only show a little bit of disdain for having to bring everything back out. I guess they don’t get many visitors in the evenings.

Back at it tomorrow, home for Halloween, then off to Moab through the weekend. If I get to the airport in time tomorrow evening, I’ll be sure to do another post.

Peace out, yo.

Called Out

…by Dr. Sandros, MD.

Okay, I guess it’s time for a post. Or to kill this blog. I’m not ready to kill it so, here we go. I have no idea where I left off, so I’m going to start with our families’ sealing last week. Umm, yeah, it was a big deal. Rather than going into the details of the weekend (Kelly covered that), I’ll just say I REALLY appreciated the support of my friends (and family)! I know a lot of my friends are not LDS and it probably all seems a bit strange to them. And yet, they understood that it’s a big deal to us and it meant a lot to me.

Hopefully that makes some sense.

This weekend we decided to celebrate the sealing by skipping church. Ha! No, Kelly and I had the opportunity to spend last night at Sundance without kids and we went for it. Kelly will again show me up in the posting dep’t., but the short version is that we got up there around dinner time, ate and had dessert, did the Moonlight lift ride, had their superbe brunch today(can’t remember eating so much), sipped (herbal) tea at the Spa, did a bit of mtn biking, and umm, yeah, made out a whole bunch. TMI?

Anyway, it was really nice. BIG thanks to Kelly’s folks for watching the girls last night and today! And to her bro Jeff for all his help in setting things up at Sundance!

Oh, and before we went to Sundance, I did The Gauntlet!! 84 miles, 10,000ft vertical, and 5.5 hours. Hardest training ride I’ve done in probably a decade. I was good for the first couple climbs and then basically just had to suffer it out. And suffer I did. I had to keep telling myself to just keep pedaling. I was in a bad way, but I did it. Hopefully that’s some good prep for The Crusher

We had probably 35 people show up, which is huge for a Utah County group ride. Super fun day. Split up pretty good though, not surprisingly!!

At this point, it’s going to be tough for me to do more than survive at the Crusher. I have a ton of travel in June, so finding much more form is going to be tough. I’ll try though!! I’ve enjoyed the process and having a goal, so whatever comes comes!

Good week

We had a super nice last week. Started out in the low 50’s and topped out in the low 70’s. Felt sooo good. I have an order deadline TODAY, so it was a bit hectic, but I found time to get out and ride a couple hours everyday, save yesterday. Yeah, I definitely needed a “day of rest”.

None of the rides were terribly taxing, but going from typically only a couple rides a week, I could definitely feel the cumulative fatigue by the end of the week. Could have been the antibiotics too, but I was off them at the end of the week, so I don’t think so.

Last night, our little Rory barely slept. I’m sure Kelly will be a zombie today as she was up with her for a long time. Around 4:30, Rory finally fell asleep, but then I started thinking of all the stuff I have to do and couldn’t sleep, so an hour or so later, I got up and entered a couple orders and now, here I am.

I was definitely a bit off the back on blogging, so I guess it worked out. Might trade a couple hours of sleep for this post in retrospect.

Nothing too crazy for St. Paddy’s yesterday. Airport run to pick up Kelly’s bro and an extended family dinner. Of course, we churched it up firsties.

Oh, on that note, I am failing miserably at my goal of reading the Book of Mormon in March. I WILL get it done before our sealing, but this month is looking out of reach.

I am leaving for Colorado again tomorrow, so expect more updates. Road warrior!!


Hey Everybody, it’s Thursday!!!

How exciting.

For the Sandros, yes, running hurts (see comment in post below). It hurts when you go slow, it hurts when you go fast… but I’ve started to enjoy it, which I really didn’t think I’d ever say. I always thought it was more of a necessary evil to get a quick workout in.

That said, it warmed up a bit this week so I’ve actually been riding mostly. Today I had to go up to Logan and didn’t get back in time, so it was back to running. I decided to run a little faster and WOW, does Strava ever make you feel awesome when you do that. I got like a million new records. Sadly, I am smart enough to realize this is because I usually go so slow…

In other news, Kelly and I set a date to get sealed. I realize a goodly number of my followers are not LDS (Latter Day Saints, not LSD, Mormon), so here’s the gist. Yeah, it’s a big deal.

I wouldn’t say that I necessarily believe that a “regular” marriage won’t continue after death as described in the wiki article, but you get the idea.

In other other news, Kelly and I are going skiing tomorrow! Yes, together. We NEVER get to do such things, so it’s very exciting. Haley and Morgan will be in school and our dear, kind, sweet and beautiful neighbors have agreed to watch Piper and Rory. It hasn’t snowed in awhile… we are supposed to get some tomorrow, but really I don’t even care. Whatever, skiing with my girl. Stoked!

Probably not going to happen…

So awhile back I posted that on the road, I typically tell people I am a recovering alcoholic rather than Mormon. It is a joke, but it’s not, right?

It’s kinda funny being in meetings like this. All good in the meetings, but as we get into the cocktail and dinner hours, people really can’t fathom that an adult would choose not to imbibe. And then it comes out that I’m from Utah and people draw the conclusion…

but the truth is I’ve only been Mormon for the past 6 years, and I’ve been having this conversation since high school.

For the record, I did try drinking twice. Both in my mid-20’s. I had a great time the first time and got a really bad hangover the 2nd. Pretty sure I can say never again.

Just for The Mop…

Yes, you too, can have your own post. Just have to comment.

Let’s see where were we. Oh yeah, Colorado. That was a long time ago now. In dog years, it was like 40 days ago. Or something. I’m not that good at math. Don’t judge.

So, I came back and had a pretty relaxing weekend. The flight into and out of Provo probably has the most per capita Mormons of any flight ever. Not surprising, but it’s pretty funny. You can pretty much guarantee you will end up hearing someone’s “testimony” en route. And yes, for anyone who’s not up on such things, I am “one of them”. Usually when I’m out of state, I just tell people I’m a recovering alcoholic though, there’s less stigma.

I could say I’m straight edge too, but then they think you’re going to blow up a McDonald’s.

In reality, I am really working on myself at the moment. Not that I was doing anything “wrong”  before, but I need to make some tweaks ahead of Haley’s baptism this summer.

Oh geez, I just realized I started this as a post for The Mop and then turned it into a church post. He’ll love that.

In other goings on, I am doing a boat load of yard work. I am outsourcing one of the yards this year, but with Kelly’s folks out of town, that still leaves me with three.  And our yard should probably count double. I did 2 of 3 yesterday and was pretty worked after. It didn’t help that it was one of the first really hot days of the year, too. I managed to haul myself up the Alpine Loop after that, but it was a grunt.

Actually had a guy I was catching full-on attack me going up the loop. He had seen me coming for him and when I got close on a switchback, he fully crossed over to the wrong lane and went out of the saddle. It was awesome. Except a car was coming up from behind, so I had to yell “car back”. I think he gassed himself, as I caught him much more rapidly after that.

On that note, hoping to do Sugarhouse this weekend. My form is maybe not so good after only riding twice last week, but we’ll give it a go. The next month is crazy with travel (for me, I realize some people travel way more than I), so I don’t know how much racing (or even riding) I’ll get to do.

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement, Mopinator.