On the Road Again…

If I’m posting, that can only mean one thing…on the road again.

Jumped out of bed at 5:15 this morning to await my destiny in the great state of Colorado.

Sadly, I managed to back over one of the wheels of the stroller as I backed the car out of the garage. Unfortunately, this is the 3rd time I’ve managed to do this and I think it’s not worth repairing. Now we have to decide if it’s worth getting a new stroller when our youngest kid is almost 2….

Wow, this post went off topic. Anyway, I made it to the airport. Yes! Traveling by airplane!! So much faster than driving. Or walking. Continued on my journey to Denver.

Spent most of the day visiting accounts in Colorado Springs. It went well. No wacky stories to tell or anything, just kind of a normal day in the sales rep life. Probably better than average, really.

Spending tonight in the Holiday Inn Expresss in Boulder. I don’t feel any smarter. I do feel poorer, however. Excuse me, “more poor”…maybe it is working.

I ran on a treadmill. This was exciting for at least 3 reasons. 

1) I hate running inside. 

B) I haven’t run since June

3) I listened to the Book of Mormon on tape while I ran.

We’ll see if I can walk tomorrow.

After my epic run of extreme epicnicity, I walked to Subway for a delicious air pipe. It was 35 minutes to closing time, but they already had everything packed away. They were kind enough to only show a little bit of disdain for having to bring everything back out. I guess they don’t get many visitors in the evenings.

Back at it tomorrow, home for Halloween, then off to Moab through the weekend. If I get to the airport in time tomorrow evening, I’ll be sure to do another post.

Peace out, yo.


Not my best day out

There’s times where this video is too accurate to be funny. Today was like that. Not a bad day, per say, just a lot of driving for little action. Feeling the pressure with deadlines no longer looming, but passing!

All the same, I love what I do.

I did get out for a quick ride this evening, which was nice. FB homies forgive me for telling the same story, but I had lunch in Boulder at 65 degrees and sunny. Saw a few shops, and got in the car with the plan to ride when I got to Colorado Springs. It got colder and colder on the drive, until I hit 35 and snowing. My motivation to ride was gone. Then, the sun came back out and it got back up close to 50, so I had to ride anyway. No excuses.

Saw some deer that must’ve been part honey badger. One was totally in my lane and I had to go into the wrong lane to get around it. She just looked at me like “Oh, sorry, am I in YOUR way? I’m sure you have something REALLY important to do on that bike of yours”. Even the bucks didn’t care that I was right next to them.

Really ready to go home tomorrow. It hasn’t been that long a trip, but it feels long for whatever reason. Fingers crossed for the weather to hold…

Rep Life

…I forgot my pact to post every day when I’m on the road.

So, yeah, I’m on the road (again). Yesterday, I was supposed to have a dealer clinic in the evening. I drove all the way across to Denver and got like 5 blocks from the shop when they called and canceled! So it goes…Had to come out anyway.

My car gained in value immensely along the drive as I picked up a bunch of demo bikes.

All told, I had 4 bikes, snowshoes, a wheelset, complete summer and fall/winter cycling collections, nordic ski collection, helmets, shoes, and bars with me. Yes, the rep mobile is loaded!

Today was just driving around, hustling. Working the mean streets. And more of the same tomorrow and another dealer event tomorrow night.

It is snowing pretty hard right now (in Boulder). I am hoping it passes quickly and I can get around tomorrow and the next storm doesn’t hit until after I’m home on Friday. It’s supposed to hit Friday night, so it’ll be close. No 4 wheel drive in the rep mobile, so it’s a little nerve-racking.

I am going to see how hard it’s snowing, but I’ll probably go for a quick run here in a minute. Can’t be getting too fatly on the trip, yo. We were thinking of riding this morning, but it was 20 degrees and I didn’t pack for that (nor am I up for such things in my old age), so maybe bringing my personal bike was a bit of wishful thinking. It’s like my security blanket, can’t leave home without it.

Had some real posts in mind (not just my day-to-day), but as usual I am too lazy to think it all out at the moment. Hope you are well my friends.