I really suck at keep this biz up to date.

I think we left off at the state crit chumps, which was weeks ago, which is months ago in dog months.

Anyway, since then I’ve continued to do the Tuesday night cross races. I am getting better, but not quick enough. We have a sweet new tradition of Taco Tuesday after the cross race, which is just perfect. It’s like it was meant to be. There’s only 2 more races though, so that’s kinda sad. Maybe I’ll actually do a weekend cross race for the first time in years. Really wish there was some road racing, or more specifically criteriuming to be done. Fitness is there.

Anyway (#2, for those keeping track), enough about bike racing.

I’m out in Colorado at the moment, doing that whole work thing. It’s keeping me busy, that’s for surely. I do have some big news there, but not quite ready to put it in print.

My big thing I’m working on at the moment is being happy. I mean, I am happy. Happiest I’ve ever been. But I want to work on showing my kids I’m happy. I feel like I’m always in such a rush to do whatever task- getting ready for school, walking to school, getting ready for bed…whatever, that I never show them a fun side. So I need to change that.

Alright, that’s all for now. Go in peace.


Live from DIA…

Yeah, chilling in the aeropuerto. Thank the heavens for free wifi. I don’t pack my own.

Nothing super incredible happened today, but I did get to the airport 4 hours before my flight and…

1) for the first time ever there was no line at DIA

B) flight was delayed an additional hour

Flight has actually gone back to “on time” now, which is nice. Hopefully it stays that way as it’ll be pushing midnight when I get home irregardlessly. That’s a word, look it up.

Not a crazy story to be had from today. Went to a bunch of bike shops and talked a bunch of bike stuff. That’s about all. My plan is still to get through this booking season (a few more weeks) and then start shopping for a new sub-rep for CO. I will still be out here regularly, but you can’t expect to grow the business beyond a certain point without someone around ALL the time. It’s really dependent on relationships. Like I know I have products and lines and programs that are clearly better than stuff being stocked here and there, but getting in the door can be tough. So I’ll need some help.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Ready to get home to my girls!


Hump Day

Well, Wednesday anyway. I am on the road after all.

So yeah, darling wife’s birthday and I’m a state removed. She’s really good about such things. 

Today was good. Woke up to 7 degrees and a few inches of snow, but it was 50 by the end of the day. I had two real appointments and went to another 4 shops in between. Mostly it went pretty well, I think.

Got done around 5:00 and went for a run up in the foothills. Run might be an exaggeration, but it was definitely faster than a hike and jog just sounds weak.

I had to wrap my head around the idea that it was shady in the foothills. Utah is the opposite, you see. At least where the population density is. Does that make sense? You be the judge.

Anyway, one more day. I have an appointment close to here in Boulder in the morning and then will pop in a few shops in Denver. My flight’s not until like 9:30 or something, so I’ll be spending some quality time at DIA. Remember the glory days of the Provo to Denver flight? Ahhh, if only the good times could last forever.

Really slacking on doing some follow-up from today. I better get it done as I’m not likely to get any more motivated tonight.

Adios, amigos!

Kelly gets a job, I do a real ride, the fun never stops

So, the big news around here is that Kelly will be a ski instructor at Sundance this winter. Here’s her take on it. For those to lazy to click through, the last job she had was 10 years ago, when she was an elementary teacher and I was racing my bike full-time. Seems so long ago! Since then, she’s been on the couch eating bon-bons while I slave away. Just kidding, she’s mostly been knocked up or breast-feeding or taking care of our 4 amazing (-ly hyper) kids! She is great at the full-time mom thing, but I think it will be good for her to get out on her own a little bit. I am very proud of her.

A little scared of holding down the fort on my own those few hours a week, but mostly proud of her!

In other news, I had a great ride today. My work has slowed down a touch and I was able to get out for almost 3 glorious hours. It was close to 60 in the valley today. I tried to go up a canyon…unreal how much colder it is when you get in the shade. I was stopped by snow pretty quickly. Crazy. Had a great ride on the bike paths though and met some new dudes, which is always good. All the guys I rode with are in college. Not surprising, living in a college town, but it’s kinda funny. I don’t really think about it, but I’m pretty old in comparison. I wonder if it will be weird down the road, like, “who brought grandpa along?”. Hahaha. I guess as long as I am still crushing it, all will be well.

What else? We had a big snow storm on Saturday. People who clicked Kelly’s link are already up on this, but we didn’t really get anything but wet snow in the valley. The mountains on the other hand got dumped on. Glorious! I am excited about the changing seasons. Today was great, but I do enjoy winter these days. Not in April or May so much, but in winter, winter is okay!

That’s all the news I can think of right now…so hard this time of day. All I want to do is sit on my duff and zone out! Farewell and adieu.


So what happened next?

As usual, I failed you.

Anyway, I got up on Sunday and decided the coolest thing I could do would be to bust it home and spend the day with the family. I skipped the ride Sunday morning and got the hell out of Dodge and by Dodge, I mean Moab. I think it was good I did too as I just hit some snow as I was coming down Spanish Fork Canyon. May have been dicey had I come home later.

Got home in time to sit on my duff for a few minutes before Kelly and the girls got out of church. I surprised them by showing up for the walk home. Got some funny looks as I wasn’t in church attire. Pretty funny.

Since then, it’s been pretty normal (for me) life. There is always something exciting going with 4 girls in the house. 5 if you include Kelly, which you probably should. 7 if you include the dogs, which, I don’t know, maybe you should, maybe you shouldn’t.

I haven’t ridden since Saturday so any fitness I built up has gone buh-bye. So it goes.

Working an event tonight for one of my shops. They are demoing a bike brand that I don’t sell, but they’re giving away some Garneau goods, so I’ll be there. Wish me luck.

Dr. Sandros, Always Keeping me Honest

Thanks to the good Doctor for “reminding” me that I had pledged to consider thinking about trying to update slightly more frequently.

It was a pretty hectic week. Nothing important, just that every single brand I work for has their orders for 2014 due this month, so basically this month determines how much income we have next year. No pressure!

The week kinda started really frustrating and difficult and just got better and better. Which is good. At the end of the week, I won a sales contest. In my tenure as a rep, I have never won one of these contests, so that was pretty sweet. I won a frame with Garneau’s “Dream Factory” custom paint…going over the options now. Big choices!! So excited!!

I was actually going to buy the stock frame anyway, so yeah, getting it, plus the custom paint…pretty freaking amazing, really.

Kids went on fall break on Thursday. This makes life a little difficult when you make your own schedule as you want to be around a bit, but then, umm, you remember the part above about income for the next year! Anyway, seems like I balanced things out okay.

We ended up riding the lift at Sundance in the evening yesterday. Our passes are only good through this weekend, so we probably won’t ride again until ski season. Which is okay, as it was quite chilly. There was some snow on back mountain, but not nearly ready for skiing yet. Of course, in Utah that could change at any minute.

Got in a few bike rides this week as well. Aiming for a goody today. Wish me luck!!

The final countdown…

My mom has to fly home tomorrow. I am aware that there are single parents everywhere that take care of their children on their own, but yeah, I am bracing myself. It’s going to be hard on me. Probably good for me in the long run and it’s only 3 days, really.

I don’t have a great track record for not flipping out when all my kids are screaming at me at once though and I’m sure my patience will be tested. 

Kelly gave me some great advice last night…”Just keep reminding yourself that if things go off schedule, it doesn’t matter”. This will have to be my mantra. I am really bad about screaming when we are late for anything, including arbitrary schedules like dinner and bed times. I don’t REALLY want my kids to grow up only remembering me screaming, so I’m going to do my best  to remember this. 


Well, today was a step in the right direction.

I stayed pretty close to home, so I could walk the kids to and from school. With my mom. Good times. It was pretty chilly and yeah, a good bit of new snow in the mountains. Seems really early for that, but I think it’s not really. Seems like we always get an early storm and then it’s dry and warm forever before winter really comes in earnest.

I am hoping for an early winter and an early spring. Is that too much to ask for? And a “normal” winter.

Anyway, I stuck around Utah County, but I think I still sold some stuff, so that’s a win-win. Or maybe even a win-win-win.

Managed to get all 4 kids bathed tonight. I’m pretty proud. Haley and Morg are pretty self-sufficient (Haley moreso), but the little ones are bit of work.

Not a lot to report at the moment, waiting for a call from my Kelly with an update.

I guess in the meantime, I’ll watch my pal Tyson on Survivor.  We don’t have real tv, so I’m always a day behind.

Dirt demo, fine dining, the phone charger incident, and Pepsi?

Today I thought I could get out to dirt demo and get a little mountain ride of my own in before it got too busy, but by the time I got out there it was crazy busy. I had to leave around lunch, so I thought it would be bad form to kit up and bail, so I ended up working. Totes lame, right?? 

After that it was a series of 3 meetings with very little break between. I was kinda stuck in Mandalay Bay between meetings. There is no fast food there. Normally I might applaud them for this, but I hadn’t had lunch and it was awhile until the dinner meeting and I just needed a little something. And there all fancy pants expensive place. And time was short. And…long story not so short, I got a Snickers and a Coke Pepsi for $6.

Yes, the correction for Pepsi was crucial to the story.

So, last meeting was the dinner meeting. I left my phone charger for the hotel room at home, so I left it plugged in in the car, figuring I shouldn’t need it for a meeting. The meeting went loooong. I’d love to tell you that story, but I can’t. Anyway, I got out and had a message from Kelly and she was f-l-i-p-p-i-n-g. Had to call and let her know I’s okay. It’s sweet that she worries about me. We’d talked earlier, but I should have kept my phone around to at least shoot her a message.

Show starts tomorrow!! Wish me luck…



Trying to hold up my end of the bargain and post whenever I’m on the road. Pretty uneventful day though. Buffet breakfast meant I was totally stuffed. Meetings. 3 hours later a huge lunch. More meetings. A super nice bike ride. Quick shower and off to dinner. Now most of the rest of my cohorts are out drinking. This is going to shock you, but that’s not my scene, so here I am.

Oh yeah, here’s something… I am staying in a condo by myself. It’s a little weird. I’m not used to such quiet. I woke up at 5:00.

Moving to the strip tomorrow night.