Chalk Crack was more exciting than I would imagine an out-and-back, and out-and-back race to be.  I felt awesome for the first 70 miles and thought I would win, and then ran out of calories and sucked.  We still had good numbers in the final group of 8 and tried to hit ’em, but I just didn’t have it.  Probably a little over my distance at the moment, and the disappearing neutral feed didn’t help either, but it was the same for everybody!!  Nate Page took it to everybody.  Normy was the other big story as he held 5-7 guys rolling pretty good at 2 minutes for an eternity.  He was last seen doubled over at the side of the road at about 4 miles from the line.  Anyway, new guy Ira continues to prove his worth coming up 3rd behind Nate and Johnny Euro Tyson Apostle in his 2nd Pro 1/2 race.  I am joking about Tyson… Apparently, he quit Volksbank and is looking for a team in the states.  It is good to have some new blood around.

Big sis did her first triathlon and finished 57th out of over 2000 starters for the chicks field.  Yeah, on her hybrid.  She was 14th in her age group.  By my estimations, she’d have been top 3 in her age group on any road bike with clip-ons.  She beat her coach.  You gotta love that!!

She is pretty competitive.  If you meet her, ask about the time she beat me at arm-wrasslin’!!

The Sport Just Keeps Getting Weirder…

From Boonen:

“Alexandre Vinokourov is an asshole, I hope he serves a life-long suspension. I don’t get it, everybody knew he was one of the ‘men in black’! I saw him train in an anonymous team kit a few times myself, and so did Steegmans. So test those guys every day, dammit!”

“I can only hope that Vino’s handiwork won’t make the people think we’re all the same. The worst part is that he doesn’t only endanger the sportive side of things, but also a lot of jobs. You try to find a new sponsor in a situation like this.”

On Rasmussen, Contador and Evans:

“It would probably be better for everybody if Rasmussen doesn’t win the Tour. If he’s smart he loses a few minutes on the last mountain stage. I don’t know if Alberto Contador is clean or not, but I absolutely don’t trust Rasmussen. But I still think it is possible to win the Tour without doping. Take Cadel Evans: a hell of a rider, and clean.”

“The cheaters are relatively easy to find: the ones who play hide and seek. Guys that don’t do anything for months and then start flying all of a sudden. That’s impossible.”

I agree, but it’s kind of a funny opinion for Museeuw’s buddy. 

Read “From Lance to Landis”

Mostly all stuff I’ve read before, but it is interesting to see it all put together in a continuous timeline.  Fairly remarkable.  I probably would’ve read it in one sitting if I didn’t have kids jumping all over me.

Not quite as good as “Rough Ride”, which I think I preferred because it’s a personal narrative, but still really, really, ridiculously well done.

One for the Working Man…


Pro men  
1 Adam Craig (Giant)
2.16.31 2 Jeremiah Bishop (Trek/Vw)                            4.26
3 Michael Broderick (Kenda/Seven Cycles)               6.36
4 Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (Subaru-Gary Fisher)          8.52
5 Todd Wells (GT Bikes)                                9.12
6 Barry Wicks (Kona)                                  10.54
7 Bart Gillespie (Mona Vie/Cannondale)                12.45

Carney Watch 2007

So, yeah, I am out for Boise Twilight, but I am working on somethings to do some racing towards the end of the year.  It’s all top secret at this point, but it could be good.  With that in mind, I am going to try to train a little, so I rode into work today.  Not wanting to overdue it, la familia turbo is going to pick me up and then we’ll go on Carney-Watch at the Utah County Fair.  Maybe a pop-in on the percocet induced haze that will be Sleevie as he is currently under the knife. 

Plans for the weekend are still unplanned.  I will probably ride my bike some.  I have to keep the possibility of top-secretness in mind as there is nothing in Utah for awhile that motivates me.  There is nothing I like less than an out and back road race with a mountain in the middle and we have something like three coming up.  One of which is the state titles.  Will I be able to defend?  Inquiring minds want to know.  I asked the magic 9 ball and it said “Ask Again Later”, but I’m pretty sure that’s a no.  Sadly I may be slaving for the man when the race that should be the State Chumps, San Pete, comes around.

Anyway, looking back over this, it seems I can’t tell you anything, or I’d have to kill you, or let you into the secret society of Rico Suave.  This message is all in code, and if you can make it out, welcome to the inner circle.  If not, don’t feel bad, I don’t know what I’m talking about either.

Viva la revolucion. 

Adios, Sandros.

Throwing Down for A.B.

If you weren’t in Idaho Falls on Saturday night, you missed the boat.  This was by a shot the best crit course I have seen in our region, and reminded me a lot of the Redlands crit.  To say our team was motivated for this race is an understatement and we took turns hitting ’em early.  Gardie went out solo early as on he can do, and got a huge gap straight away.  Only a few guys were really chasing and when I saw a hesitation, I jumped away with new Cat. 2 from the LRC, Ira.  It took a couple laps for us to catch as Gardie didn’t know it was me that was coming across.  The state chump jersey threw him for a loop.  From there we put it down in TTT mode with Gardie getting the big V.  Watch out for Ira, the kid is a horse.  Once he learns how to turn he will be a killer.  I don’t know how it shook down behind us, but I think Sam and Kirk were 4th and 5th, making a clean sweep.  It was an awesome night to remember the man.  Making it even more emotional was that it was Sandy’s last race with the team.  This breaks my heart, but I am not gonna get all emo on the blog (too late, I guess).

The rest of the weekend was good too.  The girls went with.  We had a sweet hotel.  Breakfasted with the team and various friends and family of AB, went hiking up Little Cottonwood (told ya I’d be back up there before the snow), then a bye-bye bro-b-q for Sandy, Jared and Anna, before finally returning to the Prove.  It was like a weeks’ vacation in two days.

One Step off the Podi for Sam-I-Am.

Master’s National Road Race:

1 Peter Cannell                                      2.27.21
2 Matthew Johnson (5 Star Fish)                         0.21
3 Daniel Vinson (5 Star Fish)                           1.03
4 Mike Stubna (Meredith Group – GPOA – Cannond)         1.11
5 Eric Bean (Third Pillar)                              1.14
6 Sam Krieg (Sienna Dev’t – Goble Knee Clini)           1.28