Quick Trip to St. George

Busted out a quick trip to St. George yesterday, the first time I’ve done the complete trip in one day. It was actually really easy.  8 hours driving, 7 shops visited, one bike ride. We had a nice storm system blow through, so it wasn’t even hot down there.

Nothing too crazy to report though. A little weird as I’ve pretty well neglected that area, so it reminded me of when I first started going to Colorado. A lot of introductions and awkwardness. I’m really good at awkwardness. Hopefully I’ll be on it going forward though as I have some business down there now.

Oh, here’s one story. I see this dude outside of a shop and he’s loaded down for a big bike tour. He looks European, judging by his Isostar bottles (you don’t see that stuff in the states, much) and such. Anyway, I ask him how it’s going and he replies:

“(thick accent)Not interested”.

Me: “Umm, okay, cool, well, have a good ride”

Euro: “Vhat are you selling cocaine or something?”

Me: “Right, then, have a good ride.”

It was weird enough. Anyway, he had all the usual supplies, plus two 2 liters of Coke wrapped to his handlebars. I can’t imagine how much it would suck to descend with panniers and such, much less a bunch of liquid on your bars. I saw him later in the day when I went on my ride and he was parked sitting on a sidewalk in the shade.

I was afraid to ask how it was going.

Anyway, left at 5:45 and got home in time to see the kids to bed. White line fever…


Mostly work related

The latest…Kids went back to school Wednesday. Oh yes, my productivity is clearly on a different level with 50% fewer kids in the house! Unfortunately, Haley got sick (yes, as in “sick”) Wednesday night and had to miss the second day of school. What a bust. She was pretty much full gas again by Thursday, so it’s back to it today!

I’ve just been trying to get as many work appointments in as possible. Preseason due dates are coming up, which is a high stress time of year for me. Do we eat next year or not?!? Ha!  

Need to start getting appointments set up for Interbike as well. One thing I don’t want is to be bored in Vegas!! If I’m going to be there (which I am), I have to fill every minute.

Should probably determine where I’m staying at some point too. Last year I waited until the last minute. Circus Circus was fine, honestly.

Going to do a quick trip down to see some accounts in St. George next week. Trying to determine if I can bang it out in one day or need to spend a night. I don’t have that many shops down there, but it would be nice to meet some more.

In other news, I’ve been riding my own bike a bit more this week. Nothing crazy. I see all these guys getting ready for Blotoja on their bikes at 6, 5, even 4am. Nutso! Not for me. An hour or two a day is plenty for this old timer. At least for the moment. I am super stoked for the return of P-town Cross on Wednesday nights though. Nice to have a race in the ‘hood.

Anyway, that’s about the state of things. Living the dream, Provo style.

Blog Post, Doctors orders

A big thank you to Dr. Sandros, MD for noting my rapidly declining blogging form. Yeah, just got lazy there. Not really sure where I left off, maybe in CA. Let’s see, we came home, I worked a bit, then worked Tour of Utah….

The race was off the proverbial hook. It was a little weird seeing Horner vs. Danielson for the G.C. I remember getting beat up by them 10 years ago, so I don’t know. Just ready for some new blood, I guess. But, I can’t say ANYTHING bad about the race. It was pretty unreal. Unfortunately, I was working it the whole time, so didn’t see much!

Since then it’s been worky, jerky. Lots of catch-up to do there. I had a good week last week for sure.

Trying to regain some lost fitness too.

What else? Got the Haley-girl her own cyclocross bike. I think she’ll outgrow it relatively quickly (26″), but I think the smaller wheels will help her get more comfortable, more quickly. And we can just put road tires on in the spring if we want.

Today we went to church. We hadn’t been in awhile and it was great. I know that’s weird to a lot of my friends, but I do enjoy it.

Back at it tomorrow. The Colorado race starts tomorrow as well, but we all know they have nothing on Utah!! Hahaha. Anyway, pretty glad I was not required to work the event. With all the work I need to make up locally and the girls starting school this week, it would not have gone over well!

Anyhoo, I’ll stay on it now. Pinky swear. Maybe.