4 months-ish…

That’s how long I have to get to where I don’t suck.

The Allan Butler Memorial Crit is June 29 and two weeks later is The Crusher. I’m sure I’ll do some other races this year, but these are the two I care about. Long term readers understand my obsession with the AB Crit. The Crusher, on the other hand, is totally new to me, but I just haven’t been good for a long, hard event like that in a long time and I want to prove to myself I can still “get it up” for such an event.

So, training for a 1 hour twilight criterium and a (hopefully sub) 5 hour dirt road race…I think all my training will be geared toward the Crusher. Past history indicates that if I’m fit for that and do a little speedwork, I should be good all-around.

It feels funny to be obsessing about races that are months away. The last time I did that was probably the San Francisco Grand Prix 10 years ago, but I like that I’ve got a goal in mind and something I am working towards. I feel like I need to be good for the AB Crit because I think Allan would like to see me still putting it down and the crusher…I think I just have to get really fit or it’s going to be miserable.

I’ve already mentioned my lack of fitness enough recently, but I did manage a (relatively) solid ride today, so that’s something.


Help Wanted, Kelly’s Birthday, and such.

So, yeah, the Turbo! Sports empire is growing and I am going to need someone on the ground in Colorado in another month. To give you an idea, I am going back out there next week (just for a couple days) and then two weeks after that, another week out there. Just can’t do it all alone. Anyway, thinking this would be a good ad:

Are you tired of steady paychecks, health care and other benefits? Would you like to travel great distances and attend events with no guaranteed pay? Have I got the job for you! Turbo! Sports is hiring a full-time-ish tech/sub rep for Colorado…

Just kidding, I won’t mention any of that until someone is hired. Wait, I guess I just did. Anyway, the job does kick ass, but you should probably know what you’re getting into.

In other news, today is my Kelly’s birthday. She’s 23. At least that’s what she keeps trying to tell our kids. They are young enough where they just accept it.  Anyway (that’s the 3rd time I’ve used it in this post, sorry) I am not that awesome with birthdays. I didn’t bring her breakfast in bed (crumbs, gross), or a bouquet of roses or anything. I’ve already made my mandatory public declaration of love on FB, so we can skip that.

Okay, okay… super lucky to have met my Kelly. And at such a young age. Crazy to think I was only 19. Crazier that she stuck with me. I don’t know why things have worked out so well for me, but I will take it and count my blessing. Love ya, hot stuff!

ANYWAY, I hate when other people post sappy stuff, so thanks for sticking with me.

My BRO-in-law (Kelly’s BRO) just popped in, so I better log-off. Peace out yo.

New Look…

I found this pic the other day, loved it and figured I could use it.

Here’s the story from that night

Ahhh, memories.

Anyway, as you may have guessed what with me posting and everything, I made it home from Colorado safe and sound. I actually hit very little snow along the way so it was no worries. Great to get home though!

I think my main superpower is the ability to drive long distances alone. The only problem is keeping up with the days’ work while in route, but Friday’s are typically a bit light, so yesterday was just fine.

I guess today it’s supposed to start dumping. It already is in the SLC (~40 miles north), so now I’m just waiting. It certainly looks ominous out there.

Hoping to pop off a good run this afternoon. I did not do much all week, so I could certainly use it.

In other news, the Belgian season starts this weekend with omloop het nieuwsblad and kuurne brussel kuurne! Such an exciting time. Training camps and exotic early season racing is over. Now is the time for pain and suffering. Love.

Before signing off, I would be remiss not to send a big thanks to my pal the J-rad for his hospitality this week. I hope you enjoy your morning coffee along with this post, hombre!

Long Days…

I had some follow-up to do this morning, so I didn’t get out the door until after 9. On the other hand, I just got home and it’s almost 10:00, so there you have it. A long day. I ain’t complaining. My job kicks ass.

Tomorrow is going to come quickly though and it’s a long drive back to Utah. REALLY hoping the weather holds.

Not much to report today. Spent about half the day in Boulder and the other half at the very south end of the greater Denver metro area.

Boulder is a trip. You think it’s a stereotype that everyone you meet is a pro athlete (or hippy, or both), but it’s true. That’s good though. I like healthy people. I mean, I like unhealthy people too. That’s just part of being me. I like errbody.

That’s about all I can manage for tonight. Keep it real, homies.

Rep Life

…I forgot my pact to post every day when I’m on the road.

So, yeah, I’m on the road (again). Yesterday, I was supposed to have a dealer clinic in the evening. I drove all the way across to Denver and got like 5 blocks from the shop when they called and canceled! So it goes…Had to come out anyway.

My car gained in value immensely along the drive as I picked up a bunch of demo bikes.

All told, I had 4 bikes, snowshoes, a wheelset, complete summer and fall/winter cycling collections, nordic ski collection, helmets, shoes, and bars with me. Yes, the rep mobile is loaded!

Today was just driving around, hustling. Working the mean streets. And more of the same tomorrow and another dealer event tomorrow night.

It is snowing pretty hard right now (in Boulder). I am hoping it passes quickly and I can get around tomorrow and the next storm doesn’t hit until after I’m home on Friday. It’s supposed to hit Friday night, so it’ll be close. No 4 wheel drive in the rep mobile, so it’s a little nerve-racking.

I am going to see how hard it’s snowing, but I’ll probably go for a quick run here in a minute. Can’t be getting too fatly on the trip, yo. We were thinking of riding this morning, but it was 20 degrees and I didn’t pack for that (nor am I up for such things in my old age), so maybe bringing my personal bike was a bit of wishful thinking. It’s like my security blanket, can’t leave home without it.

Had some real posts in mind (not just my day-to-day), but as usual I am too lazy to think it all out at the moment. Hope you are well my friends.

1-900-Blogs-a-lot and kick them nasty thoughts

Another week of radness. Nothing cray-cray to report. 

Did some trail running in the snow early in the week when it was cold.

Took the girls skiing Wed evening

Kelly took V.D. to a whole new level… Valentine’s Day, and I mean dinner and such with the kids. Not, you know, kinky stuff.

Finally rode my new bike yesterday. It’s the exact same bike as I was on previously. Amazing how much better a new bike feels though. And the “old” one was only 6 months old!

Kelly is at yoga this morning. I am going to take the kids (100% of them) to Target to pick up a gift for a birthday party Haley is going to later today when Rory gets up from her nap. I’m going to try to get a solid ride in this afternoon. It’s sunny and mid-40’s, which should feel downright tropical after the winter we’ve had.

I think tomorrow will be church and maybe we sneak in some skiing and then Monday the kids are off school. Maybe we’ll just ski Monday. I want them to stay pumped on it, so trying not to go overboard. I don’t know. They seem to love it.

I’m going to Colorado on Tuesday. Very excited to see my friends, Anna and Jared. Yes, they live in Montana, but it looks like we’ll all be descending upon Colorado at the same time. It will be a busy week though as I’m losing Monday (President’s Day) and I have dealer events Tuesday and Thursday nights, plus all the shops I need to see in the day. Planning to get home on Friday night. Hoping the weather holds out for me. Apparently a solid snow storm is coming Tuesday night. Half the time Colorado doesn’t get anything out of our storms though.

Nancy, that’s what I’d name this storm…

So yeah, Kelly and I had our big ski day on Friday. It was sweet. Pretty icy dicey when you got off the groomers, but what-evs. We had a great time! It has been two years since we were able to ski together… We found out Rory would be joining our clan just a few days after our last session.

Anyway, just as we were leaving it started dumping and Sundance has actually gotten more snow thus far than any of the other Utah resorts. This is quite rare. 10″ last night and it’s pretty much been snowing all afternoon…I’m sure the conditions have improved dramatically! When can I get up there again?? 

One of us should go tomorrow.

Today I took the girls to the library while Kelly went to yoga in the morning and then I went for a big run in the afternoon. I “only” ran 9.5 miles, but it was a couple hours as about half was on snow plus 1200′ of climbing. It was snowing the whole time, but got pretty heavy towards the end…They’d probably name the storm if we were on the east coast.

Bad timing?

I do feel like I’m getting some general fitness back, but I am a LONG way from any kind of bike racing form. I know after all these years, I can get it going pretty quickly in a pinch. 

I’ve dropped a couple pounds, which is good. Not coming off like they used to, but I’m not training like I used to either! I think running is the ticket for weight loss. Any ride I do I am starving after, but I can do a pretty solid run like today and not be hungry at all. 

Bringing skinny back.

I had some less “dorky training post” I meant to write about, but I lost it in my massive brain. I think I am going to relax by the fire rather than trying to find it…


Hey Everybody, it’s Thursday!!!

How exciting.

For the Sandros, yes, running hurts (see comment in post below). It hurts when you go slow, it hurts when you go fast… but I’ve started to enjoy it, which I really didn’t think I’d ever say. I always thought it was more of a necessary evil to get a quick workout in.

That said, it warmed up a bit this week so I’ve actually been riding mostly. Today I had to go up to Logan and didn’t get back in time, so it was back to running. I decided to run a little faster and WOW, does Strava ever make you feel awesome when you do that. I got like a million new records. Sadly, I am smart enough to realize this is because I usually go so slow…

In other news, Kelly and I set a date to get sealed. I realize a goodly number of my followers are not LDS (Latter Day Saints, not LSD, Mormon), so here’s the gist. Yeah, it’s a big deal.

I wouldn’t say that I necessarily believe that a “regular” marriage won’t continue after death as described in the wiki article, but you get the idea.

In other other news, Kelly and I are going skiing tomorrow! Yes, together. We NEVER get to do such things, so it’s very exciting. Haley and Morgan will be in school and our dear, kind, sweet and beautiful neighbors have agreed to watch Piper and Rory. It hasn’t snowed in awhile… we are supposed to get some tomorrow, but really I don’t even care. Whatever, skiing with my girl. Stoked!

This week

Like most weeks, it had 7 days.

The End.

Oh, okay…more details if you insist. We had a house full of sickies most of the week. Err’body’s on antibiotics (save, Kelly, Rory and I). Okay, I guess 50% of us are on antibiotics. 

I got a decent powder day in on Wednesday. One of those days where it was warm and barely snowing/almost sunny at the base and howling wind, blowing snow on top. It was icy in some spots and super deep in others. Hopefully, my skillz are improving. 

The rest of the week I was mostly running. A couple good trail runs in the snow. Saw what appeared to be some cougar tracks, along with elk, moose and that most rare creature, the magestic deer. I am slow as syrup running, but I am starting to enjoy it, which I never thought I’d say. 

Yesterday, I actually got out on a bike ride. Just an hour, as Kelly was taking Haley and Morgan skiing in the evening, but it was sweet. Not terribly cold.  I’m due to go out for more today. Hopefully, it’s the start of something. 

Piper still sounds pretty sick, but hopefully err’body’s on the mend.