Happy Birthday Kelly!

I just stole the photo below off her facebook; it’s one of my favorites.

Anyway, yeah, so Kelly turns 24 or something like that today.  I think I’m going to cajole Jeff (her brother, who lives with us) into watching the girls while we go on a date.


In other news, I decided 100% to go ahead and go race in Vegas this weekend. 

Then, I changed my mind and absolutely not going!  When I put some thought into it, it just didn’t add up. 

Best of luck to those that are going!

At Full Capacity

Kelly has a good post on being married to someone (such as me) who races bikes.  Make sure you read the comments too.  It’s always a balance!

On that note, I think I’ll whisk her away to Vegas for the weekend.  Her birthday is tomorrow, after all.  I might do a stage race while we are there and she’ll be left with the kids, but that is pretty romantic, right? 

I suck.

Wack Yo

TSOL (Tour de Sol) is cancelled.

Sucks.  On the plus side, I checked the website and saw that before the cancellation what they had planned was a TT, RR, Hillclimb stage race, which is ummm, interesting.

From what I hear San Dumass is already full for Pro-1’s, which pretty much means if I’m going to race in March, it’s going to this Sunday in Vegas and/or Redlands.   It’s nice that I am so decisive and on top of planning this stuff.

EDIT: Someone lied to me… There’s only 80 something guys signed up for San Dimas.

Sunday Lite

or Diet Sunday.

It’s been a hard week.  I’ve had a pretty solid cold for a week now.  And we had the bulk of our outside reps come in house for meeting the end of the week, meaning Wednesday and Thursday were door-to-door 14+ hour days.  It’s more fun than a normal week, but still wears you down.

I went for a pretty solid ride yesterday.  Around West Mountain by myself in about 3:15.  I went alone trying to get it done early so we could do some family stuff when I got home, but it didn’t quite work out.  Kelly had a  bad morning with the girls and coupled with my absence all week, she wasn’t feeling the love.  I can’t blame her and we made nice by the evening.

I am pretty sure we are flaking on church today and hopefully Kelly goes out by herself for awhile.  I think we’re going to take the girls for a family ride later as well.  I am loving the thaw.  Unfortunately, I left my pump in St. George awhile back and the trailer (not being used since sometime in November) needs air. 

Some more notes on yesterday:

  I tested an 850 gram wheelSET.  To put that in perspective for Julie, that is pretty light for a REAR wheel.

Ran into my buddy, pro triathlete Heath T, who just returned from a training camp in New Zealand.  That sounds pretty nice about now!

In other news, I was pretty much sold on the So. Nevada SR/Calville Bay next week, but after only riding once this week, I gotta weigh the benefits vs. the difficulties.  On that note, I have been asked about fRedlands a couple times now.  That’s another one where I’m sure I’d come out better than I went in, but it means taking vacay, getting my ass handed to me daily, etc.  On the plus, Kelly and the girls could visit her folks. What to do, what to do…