Where was I?

Geez, I don’t really remember…Weblogging is so difficult.

I was going to do a post on last weeks’ Cross Out Cancer… I took the girls and had a great day, but Kelly juked the pics and did the post herself. After that, the week just flew out of control as they tend to do at the moment…

Yeah, I am feeling pretty overwhelmed. Looking forward to my “return” to my former employer to be over. It’s been a great benefit to have the extra money come in going into the slow season as a rep, but I am having a hard time getting everything done for my real job on 2-3 days/week. The original agreement was for 2 months-ish, which is over now, but my services are still needed, so I’ll probably keep coming 2 days/week through the end of the year.

Weekends are pretty crazy too as I am on full-on daddy patrol all the time!! Luckily, Kelly is down to less than two more weeks on bed rest. You definitely learn to appreciate your partner in these situations! Yes, we’ll have a newborn shortly thereafter, but at least we’ll be able to tag team duties again!

This has probably been quite good to give me some perspective on how Kelly feels when I work all week and then go racing on weekends…Except that’s a choice I am making and she has no choice in this. And I do that for fun (and ego gratification) and this is not at all fun for her. Okay, maybe it was  a bad analogy, but certainly reinforcing my decision to race my own reduced schedule for next year.

On the other hand, I can’t wait to get back into some sort of regular exercise routine.  And I hope to be super fit next year, just more focused on fewer events.

In completely unrelated news, there is a proposal to drug test our local races next year… I’m sure I have some thoughts there. I’ll try to work up a post at some point.


That Sucked…

Yeah, I guess I was more than a little drained. Or I certainly ended up drained. Or something. I seem to have caught a gnarly flu bug and spent over 30 hours straight (with a few trips to the potty) in bed. I’ll skip the details, but it wasn’t good. In any way. I seem to be on the mend now.

I am the only one in the fam that did not get a flu shot. They got theirs just under 2 weeks ago. Piper got a little sick, but was pretty much fine a few hours later. So far, everyone else is in the clear. Fingers crossed. Kelly does not need that at this point. For herself or the girls.

Very thankful to have Kelly’s mom around!

In other news, there’s this:


It blows my mind that these guys are doping for master’s nats. Pretty pathetic.  Read the comments. Priceless. Everytime one of these pops up, I am more and more proud of my own crappy cycling “career”.  Speaking of which, I love the quote where he says “I don’t really have a lucrative career in cycling”… dude, you don’t have a career at all. You have a hobby and an overblown ego!

On the positive side, the guy who should (assuming the B sample confirms the A) take over the title is adamantly anti-doping, so good on ’em.

A Bit Drained…

Yeah, I am tired… Used to be I looked at being tired on Monday morn as the sign of a good weekend. So much activity you need the work week to rest up. Well, it was a good weekend, but not so much in that way. Mostly I am wrecked because the kids, all 3 of them, are not sleeping so well. Haley and Morgan have developed nightmares due to the Halloween season. They don’t watch scary movies or go near anything scary, but for whatever reason one or both of them wakes up almost every night scared out of there wits. Little Piper has a cold and can’t breathe too well laying down, so she’s struggling as well. Kelly has to wake up at 3:30 every night to take her magic pill to keep the contractions in check.  I’ve had a few nights lately where I can’t go back to sleep after the 3:30 alarm, so umm, yeah, tired. Anyway, wah wah daddy’s tired.

Took Haley and Morgan to Cornbelly’s (not Corn holey’s) on Saturday. It’s a big fall fair type thing with a corn maze, bounce houses, princess area… pretty much everything a kid needs. It was a good time, though busy enough where I thought I would lose a kid for sure… which would have ruined the day. Kelly’s mom watched Piper, which was really above and beyond the call of duty as she pretty much does everything M-F when I’m working.

Anyway, not much to report really… Kelly’s past the half way point of her “proposed” bed rest period. Hoping for another 4 weeks. On that note, we still need a name. Anyone??

Season Review/Preview

This post got me thinking…and you know nothing good ever comes from that.

A lost season? Well, certainly this past season was my worst. Ever. I went in with solid intentions and was probably more fit at the end of winter than I’ve been in a few years. Then, I quit my job to start my own business. Then, we found out Kelly was pregnant. Then, she was put on bed rest. These three events occured in the span of about a month…

And I think I made a crucial mistake at this point. I kept racing, mostly, but with zero training. And when I was racing, I wanted to be home and was not present in the moment. I should have prioritized differently and just stopped racing for the moment.  End result, by the end of the year I just didn’t care anymore.

After a brief respite of mobility for the summer, Kelly was put back on bed rest this fall. That was about a month ago. We are hoping for another month. It is really hard on her. Not so easy on me, either, but I think it’s been quite good for me as it’s forced me to think quite a lot.

With that, I handed over the reigns of our team to Sleevie. In all honesty, the direction of the team had changed 180 degrees from where we started it and my heart just wasn’t in running another local cat. 1 team.

So, everyone keeps asking, “are you going to quit?”.  No, I’ve tried a couple times and I suck at quitting.  My plan as of today (could be different tomorrow) is to race on/in/for the brands I represent. I will do the races I want to do and that fit around our family life. I am planning to throw a couple triathlons into the mix and maybe even some mountain biking. Yep, hell just froze over.

Anyway, that was a doozy.

I would be one lame single dude

You may be thinking to yourself “correct, and you are a lame married dude”… You are welcome to that opinion!

Anyway, I’m in a hotel outside Denver by myself. I went for a run, which was semi-productive. I got a bit of work done, which was good.

Otherwise, I watched a ton of TV, while continuing my search for the end of the internet. I walked myself to Qdoba for dinner, so that was exciting!

Couldn’t sleep for the life of me, so I was up until close to 4:00 and raring to go at 6:45.

Anyway, luckily I am not single!

Oh yeah, for my out-of-state friends, Utah got it’s first “real” snow yesterday. We got rain in the valley, but the resorts got dumped on and prolly still are.  Funny as it was upper 80’s last week and back to mid-70’s in a couple days. Utah style. Yaaahhh.

Alright, time to go talk bike stuff.

Getting Fat


Not much to report, but don’t want the blog to die.

Things are a touch nuts at the moment. I am still inside 3 days/week at my “old” employer. What with Kelly on bed rest and the new gig referenced in the post below, free time is a fleeting memory. I guess that’s an odd thing to say in a blog post. Free time where I’m not chained to a desk then…

Anyway, the new gig requires that I head to Denver tomorrow. I figure any place that has an omelette named after it can’t be all bad.

From the sounds of things, I will probably be at the old gig until close to the end of the year.


I’m actually going to take a lunch (ride, of course) today. I haven’t been taking them as I’m paid hourly (for this job) and that’s like paying to ride, right? But, I feel the urge to get out, so I’m justifying it to myself. Mental health or somesuch.

Alright, RB out.