This just in…

Blitz-Krieg=I-da-ho state cross chump.  He has been killing it all over Montana, and I-da-ho.

The Krieg, more than a nice bag.


Tagged- trying to be a good sport…

Kelly hit me in one those blogging tag things.  I don’t really like this one too much as 8 of everything requires thought, and blogging is all about not using your brain, right? 

Eight Various Things About Me

My eight favorite TV shows:

The only show I watch with any regularity right now is:

1). Intervention

In the past, I liked

2). The OC

3). Saved by the Bell

4). Scooby Doo

I think those are the shows that really shaped my existence.  Otherwise, I pretty much like any of the shows on VH1 where they have comedians talk about a particular generation, genre or whatever… “Best Week Ever” “I Love the 70’s/80/90’s”, “top 1,000,000 Hip Hop Songs of 2002”, etc.

Eight things I did yesterday:

1.  Worked

2.  Commuted to work

3. Ate fast food

This day is looking pretty crappy so far, huh?

4. Slept, but I pretty much do that everyday.

5. Zoned out on the internet, but I pretty much do that everyday.

6. Played with the girls

I had to put something good in here before I slit my wrists… Today will be a better day!  Funk it- 8 things I’m gonna do (no, this is not part of the tag or whatever, but whatev-1) Lunch cross 2) Crunches 3) Push Ups 4) Carve Pumpkins 5) Design a halloween costume 6) Play with the girls 7) Keep it Real 8) Represent.

Eight things I look forward to:

1. Spring

2. Summer

3. Going to Sedona in a few weeks

4. Going to Long Beach a few weeks after that

5. Racing bikes and seeing how my new team can do

6.  A day that I am not gone from 6:30-6:30.

7. Halloween

8. Time Travel (it’s coming-believe it)

Eight favorite restaurants:

1. Burger Supreme, you can’t beat having the family eat for under 12 bucks.  I copied and pasted this one straight from Kelly.

2. In-N-Out.  I swear this won’t be 8 burger joints.

3. Blackboard Bistro in Seal Beach, CA. They have the best breakfast! Again, I just copied this from Kelly.

4. Pizza Picasso’s in Sedona…we look forward to it every year! See above.

5. Los Hermanos in the Prove.  “The Brothers” make good salsa.

6. BYU Creamery…hands down, the best ice cream on the PLANET!!  Again, stolen from Kelly.

7. Baja Fresh after a six hour ride.  I used to do this every Wednesday.  I miss that. 

8. PF Chang’s- Again stolen from Kelly.  It’s all about the lettuce wrap.

9.  (Extra Credit)- Breakfast at Mimi’s.

Wow, that is quite a cosmopolitan list.  What can I say?  I am easy like Sunday morning.

Eight things on my wish list:

I could make everyone who has done this before feel bad by going 1). world peace 2). food and shelter for all the starving children of the world, etc., but I won’t.  In all honesty, I just suck at this stuff, because I am a firm believer that if you want something “wishing” for it is a big waste of energy and you need to make it happen.  That said, I’ll give it a shot.

1) To make an honest living, see my family, and have some time to pedal my bicycle.

2) A big cash title sponsor for the new team, so I can really open some doors for young riders in the state

3)…I seriously can’t do this one without just listing off health and happiness for my family and friends… I know that is not the point of this exercise, but I just suck at this stuff.  I seriously tried, but then I just got mad because I’m all “if you want it, make it happen”.

Eight people to tag:

I’m having a hard time thinking of 8 people who read the blog and aren’t TFC (too cool) to participate.  Whatever.  Do it.  Do it now.

1. UT Rider

2. Caveman

3. Rico

4. Sandy 

5. AH

6. J_E

7. Art

8. Clint

That Didn’t Last Long…

Of course, I may quit again tomorrow.

I am home this morning as I need to get my car out of impound the shop.  I tried to get it last night, but they were closed.  Bankers hours!  I still need to get it inspected before the end of the week too. 

So, in any case, here I am at home… on the computer.  This does not add up.

Good bye.

Cross- it’s what’s for lunch

I have been riding my cross bike at lunch.  We have a sweet course that we used last year for the Interoffice Wednesday World Cross Championships of the World, but for the moment no one else here rides bikes.  Anyway, it’s an awesome course- 80% grass, 10% sidewalk, 5% pavement, 5% dirt and 100%  not-singletrack.  The only way it could be better if it was paved.  And then it would be a criterium.  Anyway, it’s pretty sweet.  Have I mentioned it’s sweetness?   Because it is really sweet.

Everyone is talking about how they run their wheels for cross to be light and yet puncture proof.  It seems tubies with sealant, or running clinchers tubeless is the way everyone is going.  Here’s how I do it, take an old road tire and cut the clincher bead off and stick that under your cross tire.  Inflate.  Ride.  I have yet to flat using this ingenious system.  The one draw back is that it is not remotely light and adds a ton of rotating weight.  Details.  That stuff only matters if you are fast.  Anyway, you can do this on the road too.  It is a sweet way to (almost) ensure getting through a Utah winter without having to change a flat.  Another option is to store your bike in the garage until winter is over. 

Anyway, I am still hoping to make it out for some hot dirt road biking races in the coming weeks.  My fitness is pretty much gone (not riding for six weeks will do that) but you know, whatever.  If your wondering why I didn’t ride for six weeks… ummm, things got crazy here and my usual ride time (lunch) was filled with working.  I did ride a couple times on weekends, but it sucked, and I made a resolution to take lunch regardless of what is going down.

Catching Up

Some stuff I forgot from Hawaii:

During my surfing adventure/fight with lava rock, I lost my 2005 State RR Chump ring.  Damnit man, how often do you win a ring in this sport?  If you are me, once in, like, 15 years.  Plus, as Art can attest, we waited like a year and a half for the rings to arrive.

I had some locals yell “Hey Haole” as they drove by me walking home from the beach, which I thought was funnier than anything, mostly because I watched the movie “North Shore” about 1000X growing up, but otherwise everyone was super friendly.

On the other hand, I didn’t get lei’d the whole time I was there.

I read the book “Killing Yourself to Live” by Chuck Klosterman on the flight there.  Who doesn’t like music references, right?  On the other hand, you know that friend who drops a reference to an obscure band every 30 seconds?   Yeah, reading that gets a little tiresome.  On the other hand, I only put it down to hit the can, so it must have been pretty good.

I guess that’s all I have from Hawaii (at least for the moment), so I’ll throw in another review.  Saturday night (this Saturday night, in Provo, Utah- try to keep up) we watched “There Will Be Blood”.  With a title that sounds like a vegan death metal song, I expected a lot more.  They should have kept with the original title, “There will not be resolution… or plot development”.  Honestly, how this and “No Country for Old Men” ended up nominated for “Best Picture” blows my mind.  I would gladly have spent my time watching “Hot Rod” for the third time in a month over either of these critically acclaimed “masterpieces”.

In other exciting weekend news, Kelly and I went mountain biking Saturday as the pictures below attest.  I was on the cross bike, but whatever, it’s a little wordy to say we went mountain biking, except that I was on a cross bike, but it was mostly single track and mountain bike-y.  Anyway, it was the best morning ever. 

Sunday I took the girls for a ride in the rikshaw, while Kelly took Etta for a hike.  Again, it was a perfect day for a bike ride, and I went for my standard ride up Provo Canyon trail, stop at the park for the girls, and return.  A bit under two hours and less than 30 miles.  Don’t scoff until you try pulling one!  Anyway, I love riding this time of year.  Leg warmers and vests to feel toasty, but you don’t have to have them.  I really think that is my ideal temp. 

We went to the Olympic Oval Sunday evening to watch the short track speedskating world cup.  Oh NO!!! couldn’t quite pull out the V in either event, but it was exciting all the same, and I’m pretty sure he can out dance any of those other fools.  It was good to see several of the local cyclists come out and support this event.  I’d like to get into speedskating, but somehow I think this is not the time to take up a(nother) time consuming and expensive hobby.

Something that sucked: Friday evening (yes, I am going out of order- again, try to keep up) driving home from work, a truck kicked up a rock and put a big ding in my windshield.  Of course, the Jeep is due for inspection this month.  Oh yeah, and the passenger side “window” (plastic) is no longer functional.  The rear “window “was already TKO’d some time ago, so like, who needs windows driving in Utah in winter, right?

Kelly Told Me My Web-log is Boring Her…

So, yeah, I’ll post something.  She has been killing me on the post-o-meter as of late, but I’ll be back.  With a vengeance.  It was pretty much the worst week ever, but I won’t focus on that as I am now past it and stuff is pretty much good again. 

Now is a good time.  I am home with the fam-bam enjoying the weekend.  Kelly and I are scheduled for a mountain bike date tomorrow.  We have been planning this since spring, and finally got it together, so fingers crossed, we are on it.  Of course, I will ride my cross bike, which is still desperately in need of cables and housing, but if they break, I can just be, like, a singlespeeder, right?  And if the brakes go, they are only good for slowing you down anyway, right?

Otherwise, we may go to the Oval and watch speedskating Apollo Anton Oh NOOOOO!!.  Apparently, Kelly has a crush on him.  Yeah, I just linked her twice… watch out I’ll do it again.  Anyway, the point is that maybe I need to take up speedskating.  Wait, that’s too much work.  Maybe I need to grow a “soul patch”.  I got soul, but, wait, no I don’t. 

Anyway, this post is pretty much nowheresville, but you know, you’re still reading it.

The $12K Dream Team is coming together like peanut butter and bananas.  Like coffee and doughnuts.  Like Hansel and Gretel.  Like Utah Cyclists and Facebook.  Like dog crap and my shoe.  Like cocaine and Tom Boner.  Like Bernie Kohl and Vitamin E-po.  Like Gardie and handsomeness.  Maybe not as well as all that, but we’re gonna make some magic happen.






Somebody went to Hawaii and now they can’t catch up.  Boo-hoo!!

Seriously though, 10 hours a day (that’s 12 hours door-to-door) and no lunches and I am still behind.  And it’s not just because of being out last week as the past six weeks have been the same.  That’s not entirely accurate as I think I have actually taken 2 lunches during that time.

Anyway, as anticipated this comes out pretty weak from a guy who spent five days in Hawaii, but I’m posting it anyway.  And I’m taking a lunch today!