Sweet San Pete road race… always a favorite of mine. 98 miles and hell windy, made for a very looong day. Break went in the first feed zone. Kinda lame. Not sure that I had it anyway. Kenneth Peterson from Broadmark Capital won, Brad G. was 2nd, Dustin was 5th. Back in the field, M.C. Kone jumped our group a few miles from the line and I won the sprint for 7th… Pretty much just survival though. It was, ummm, really windy.

When I got home, Kelly was kind enough to “remind” me that we are about to move and could probably use (or have used) the weekend to start getting the house in order, among other things. She had been working like a dog (a hard working dog), while I was off pretending to be a bike racer. Feeling amply guilty, I went over and mowed the yard in the property we manage and then began the process of cleaning out the garage. 

Need to sell off a bunch of bike crap for that to really happen though. Began the ebay insanity today… Now, I can check email, FB, Twitter, the blogroll, and ebay with equal vigor.

Somehow by the time that was over, Kelly was like “I talked to my dad and you guys are riding in the morning with Haley on the tandem”. This was vexing for me given our previous conversation, but I don’t question that sort of thing.  ***She (she being Kelly) has since asked that I add that a 1-2 hour ride WITH Haley is not the same situation as being gone ALL DAY and ALONE (family wise) for a road race… Now you know!

So, Sunday came and we rode and Jeffy boy joined in… I came home and cleaned out my drawers (the kind you put clothes in) and we started in on the crawl space… which is maybe the only thing I can think of that will be less enjoyable than the garage, but at leasts we got started!

Took the pups for a run this arvo with Haley… Morgan didn’t come because she has apparently developed agoraphobia, which is unfortunate.

Loaded up the wagon with stuff for the D.I. (goodwill to my out-of-state friends).

So, yeah, now I’m pretty worked.


Not dead yet

So, where’d we leave off? Ah yes, blogging form sucks. No change there. It’s a cycling blog and without any cycling, there’s not much content. Here’s the quick and dirty- Friday- lunch meeting, no ride. Saturday- lone gunman in the tou booth, no ride (this one stung). Sunday- make up to the fambam for being gone all day Saturday, no ride. Monday and Tuesday- sales meetings, no rides. So yeah, five days off the bike. That never happens. No, these are not pre-excuses for sucking on Saturday at San Pete. In fact, I will, I will rock you.

On the plus side, our sales meetings were at Snowbird and I got to ride the tram for the first time. Wow. I will have to figure out a way to get there sometime when it is snowy.

Outside of an excessive amount of work recently, house bidness is the other thing going at the moment. One hiccup after another, but we seem to be finding an alternative route around every roadblock. Unfortunately, they all seem to be toll roads!!

Back to work.

My Blog Sucks…

Give it time, I’ll get back on blogging form.

Just a lot going at the moment and I am kind of in a holding pattern waiting for anything concrete to happen. Hopefully the house is done next week. That will be a weight off everyone’s mind for sure…. Of course, then there’s the moving and the finding renters for this place… but we’ll worry about that later, right?

Yeah, that might not actually be the house.

Had a pretty good case of the watching the Tour of Utah blues. It’s one of those tough things. It sucks watching, but it would suck riding when you are not prep’d too.  So, Tour of Utah AMATEUR crit this weekend. Should be good. Course looks, umm, challenging. 

We call that “suffer face”.

Goings On

Lots going down atm. I didn’t even mention Haley and Morgan’s birthday parties, our anniversary, and I haven’t really delved into the house.  Usually I let Kelly handle the family stuff, she is better at it anyway, but ummm, yeah, the house. We put an offer on a house, offer was accepted. We love the house!! So, now I am just nervous… We have to refi this house (keeping it as a rental as there’s no money to be made selling it atm) before we can take a loan out on the other.  And, everyone is saying everything is in order, but I’m just nervous that something will get flagged at the last second and we’ll get hosed. Because we really love the house. 

So hopefully it all works out. Assuming it does, The Mop will have to give us some gardening tips as there is a huge garden and, umm, we don’t know much about gardening. 

Otherwise, there’s lots of other stuff on the burner that I’m trying to cook up, but isn’t quite ready for me to serve up for you just yet. Sometimes it would be easier to be anonymous, but I know that has its’ drawbacks as well…

That was going to be the end, but as a proud papa, I will drop a quick story about my girls as well.  On Saturday, Haley and I rode the tandem up Provo Canyon and met Kelly, Morgan and Piper at Vivian Park. Then, we rode home for a total of about 26 miles. You might think that would wipe a kid out, but we still did a family outing to the animal museum, and a stop for ice cream.  After that, we went home and I took the dogs for a run. Haley and Morgan both rode along for another couple miles.  They did great. I’m not one to push my kids towards a particular activity. At least not consciously!! But seriously, they are both developing healthy lifestyles and a good fitness base and that is a beautiful thing to me. And these are not things we ask them to do. They want to do it. I love it.

Lindon Days Crit

I probably pretty well covered it on FB, but yeah, small fields, but a good quality event despite some pretty iffy weather.

Nice course, just under 2 miles. Hopefully they can keep it up, as I think it would be a super good course with a big field and running it longer.  Anyway, I hit out early and Chase and E.T. came across to me.  Then Lang Reynolds from Hagens-Berman (in town for ToU, I suppose) came across, despite a pretty solid effort not to allow him to. Chase hit us with about a lap and a half to go and got a little gap, but we clawed it back. Then, just under a lap to go, everyone was looking at each other and hugging the right side of the road. I moved across to the left side, so I had like 20 meters just sitting on the opposite side of the road, dropped a couple gears, and the gap went out another 50 meters, no reaction, dropped a couple more, put my head down and pounded it out. I felt pretty good about my odds in a sprint, but if there gonna give you a gap… Anyway, I managed to stick it. So, sweetness for me.

Someone was taking pictures the whole time, so hopefully I’ll find those eventually. They did a podium presentation with the mayor after, so that was pretty sweet, even if Chase had already left.

It was pretty wet before the start and Sleevie slid out warming up and hurt his wrist. He’s getting an x-ray today, so hopefully it’s okay.

Anyway, like I said, hopefully they keep it up. Pretty much every town around these parts has their own “festival days” or similar. It would be sweet if they each had a well-supported race that was affiliated with the event, held where the crowds gather, etc.