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Monday wound up being a play day for the turbo, at least for part of the day.  We went out to the dirt demo and I got to borrow a Moots 29er with our wheels.  Hmmm, I think I could get into this mountain biking crap.  It was pretty funking sweet.  The problem is that I can leave on my road bike from my front door.  Mountain biking from my place either requires time for a long ride or a drive to ride my bike.  Oh yeah, there’s still the issue of actually owning a mountain bike too.  Anyway, good thing I enjoyed it because it was my last bike ride for the week.

Tuesday was less fun as I spent several hours at stinko’s getting copies made for all the programs.  Nice that I am on the ball, getting that stuff done the day before the show.  No, I was not the only one!  Other than that, we got the booth together.

Wed, Thur, Fri, I did pretty much what you see in the video ad nauseum. 

Wed night was the Cross Vegas presented by Dr. Ferrari.  It was pretty much the coolest thing ever.  I felt a bit for Trebon as Lance was swarmed by the press… “Ummm, hey, I won over here…”.  I wish we had cross courses like this in Utah. 

Thurs night was the USA Crits finals at Mandalay Bay (watch what you say, eat some hay, I just may…).  I was kicking myself, even moreso than at the cross race, but seeing pileups every lap helped reconcile the suck factor of watching a bike race.  I predicted my twice-upon-a-time ex-teammate would win, and it was so. 

Hardwood was the strongest guy in the industry race, and wound up 4th or 5th, and was pretty damn strong in the pro race too; I think finishing around 20th.

I pretty much never ate breakfast or lunch and then would eat like 8000 calories (all from the “fried group”) each night.  Coupled with shaking a gazillion hands, and not sleeping, I am just waiting to get sick.

The craziest I got was cruising the strip Friday night laughing at drunks.  We got a live version of “Cops” first hand as this chick was in cuffs and all belligerent.

Got the call that Sleevie won the Harvest Moon crit. on the drive home.  Yeaaahhh!! 

Glad to be home.


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