Father’s Day

When last we left off, our hero had just felt the icy grip of defeat upon his neck…

Yeah, anyway, I got home and ate an incredible amount of food.  Then, as Kelly suggested, we hit up the BYU Creamery.  Say what you will about BYU, but those kids know what they’re doing when it comes to the ice cream.

Sunday, known among some circles as father’s day, we went for a ride in the morning.  I managed to double flat the rikshaw for the first time.  Luckily, the second was close to home, so after letting the girls play at the park a bit, I just cruised it in.

We did the full church deal, which was a first for me in ages.  And a last, as my next three Sundays are spoken for.

Watched a wee bit of the Tour de Suisse and then spent the afternoon/evening playing with the girls in the backyard while Kelly made tacos.  This provided a nice test as Dan and I stopped at “the always delicious Taco Bell” on our way home from the road race Saturday.  What do you know, homemade food outkicks prepackaged, trucked in frozen goodness.  In any case, I am pretty sure I could eat Mexican for every meal.  Maybe I should move there.  Or not.

As I type this, my man the J-Rad is hopping the air bus to Japan for two months.  We will miss you, Tiger.  Thanks for driving down so much this spring.  He is going there to study snow.  It seems like they have plenty in Montana and he wouldn’t need to go that far.  Plus, all you need to know is that no two flakes are alike.  I learned that a long time ago, but I guess not everyone is as quick as me.


EDIT AGAIN- NEWSFLASH- Haley swims like a fish (almost) at lessons v. 2.0.  I’m sure Kelly will have full details at her place soon.



14 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. You missed out on the real ice cream. It’s in Logan at USU.

    That’s the place other places send their people to learn how to make ice cream. 😉

    and congrats on having a great Daddy Day. Mine was just swell too.

  2. Keep dreaming!! I am glad to hear you enjoyed your father’s day, but seriously I don’t joke around when it comes to ice cream. I don’t know why they mess about with football and basketball, the real rivalry is obviously in ice cream!

  3. Yeah, I should add that we got ice cream for the whole fam at less than 6 bucks. You can’t get a cone for $6 in Vermont.

  4. chase is strong…I agree
    But I’m going to go with J E. Aggie Ice Cream is the best and will always dominate byu ice cream haha

  5. well, you’ve mentioned Indianapolis and West ‘by god, love it when you say it’ Virginia, but maybe they didn’t have locations there, then.

  6. Aggie football on the other hand, might not dominate Timpview football.

    Come to think of it, I’m in the mood for a creamie and happen to have a box in the freezer right now. Creamies, btw, are a Cache Valley creation, too.

    and even though I’ve never tried it, the byu stuff must be good — I’ve heard rumors a out the byu coeds for a few decades.

  7. Ya, just like in basketball, the aggies kick the cougars when it comes to ice cream. Actually, I think the Y has tried to imitate the aggies ice cream just like they did when they abandoned their BYU blue and started wearing Aggie navy. Next time you are up this way, we will go get some fresh stuff and you’ll change your tune.

  8. Well, I won’t tell you all what I enjoyed for free tonight, and no, it wasn’t one of the pints of ben and jerry’s that employees get daily. It was a bit more homemade and a whole lot fresher…oh, and it was free. I’ve NEVER even paid $4 for ice cream, let alone $6. get the facts right boys…


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