Allan Butler Memorial Crit in Brief…

This is a really hard post to keep brief, but I am going to try.  As far as the race went, my teammate Sam “Blitz” Krieg and I ended up lapping the field, and then I won the field sprint so that was the sweetness.  I will go ahead and hand the hardman of the day award to Sam though, as he had drove from his house in Pocatello 3 hours south to the road race in Utah, come 5th in the ~85 mile road race, flipped a btch, drove 4 hours north and lapped the field in Idaho Falls!  Impressive?  I think so!

In less sweet news, this is almost definitely the last race I’ll ever ride with Sandy.  Also, I pretty much told the team that I am going to do something else for next year, which I am really excited about, but both of these facts are really hard to swallow.  This is the only team I’ve ridden with in Utah, and I have so many memories attached.  All of that occuring at a Memorial Race for Allan…  Definitely an emotional evening.

On the flip side, it was great to see Allan’s family again, as well as reconnecting with some friends we don’t see enough of.

Oh yeah, and on a completely unrelated topic (to anyone besides us), we bought a britney spaniel puppy on the way home.

EDIT: Once again Kelly has rocked my world in the blog posting department.  Click for photos, etc.

7 thoughts on “Allan Butler Memorial Crit in Brief…

  1. You finally got the call from Mike “Win or You’re Fired” Ball, didn’t you. If I’d known that yesterday I could have told Leogrande that he’s going to lose his spot as Rock’s “Numbah One Bad Boy.”

    Have fun leading out Fast Freddie next season.

  2. I didn’t mean to start a gossip session… I’ll make an “announcement” soon, and yes, that sounds hugely pretentious.

  3. Dude, you’re auditioning for American Idol, aren’t you!

    All that time practicing your singing will certainly change your bike-game playing.

    But show up for the audition in the team kit and you might get on TV!

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